adding the page after reading Taleb‘s black swan and antifragile.

absence of evidence






and this, page 9, via Rupert Read ‘s tweet:

content.yudu.com/Library/A35fcx… Turn to p9 of new issue of GREEN WORLD, to see my article on the work @nntaleb and I are doing on precaution.

a call to –

end our love affair with evidence.

but rather instead.. use our heads/guts/precaution. be alive to and embrace uncertainty.

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from notes on black swan:

Such was the fate of knowledge all these centuries, when it was locked in two dimensions too simplistic to be of any use outside of classrooms.

The simplified, philistinified, academified, and glorified notion of “evidence” becomes useless.

proof ness

verifiability ness

evidence ness

One of the most common (but useless) comments I hear is that some solutions can come from “robust statistics.” I wonder how using these techniques can create information where there is none.

..absence of evidence does not line up with evidence of absence.

there is never nothing going on

..iatrogenics, i.e., the study of the harm caused by the healer,..

..how professionals can cause harm for such a long time in the name of knowledge and get away with it.



resonates with the gut feeling of having nothing to prove yet people keep asking for possible evidences and.. business plans and..

if evidence/proof were even possible.

and to me.. it’s like evidence is a sign of acknowledging/accepting a deadness. ie: where you no longer have the need to be precautionary/alive.. since you have evidence.

Ellen Langer ish


which makes me think of Jaron again:

jaron on words

and wondering how much it’s a mindset.. like – do we need to get ai-ish, beyond-words-ish, or could it be more about a different intent/mindset. ie: i speak to share not to prove. so then.. my words aren’t taken as finished, graphable/mappable.. … just part of the complete ness. like that danger of just one story. and the need for the never ending zoom dance.

communication quote by shaw








So called “evidence” is increasingly used to rationalise decisions that are made by those in power.@zaidhassan


from bend your ear ness page:

if what we are doing worked.. it would have gone global by now… craziest question/attitude… seeking proof that it/whatever works ( toward system change our souls beg) because.. if you have proof it works… it doesn’t work.. because web we have today.. would turn a truly working system on it’s head.. regenerate itself exponentially.. w/in a year.. to the entire world.. if we kept it..whole/true/free..but we keep doing partials.. and so never sync/ing and/or serendip/ing up.. spinning our wheels with business .. when today.. we don’t have to