possible evidences

Possible evidences. 

update 2014
{of collaboratory et al}
an informal – and short – business plan

spring 2012 to fall 2013:

Evidence of the first two years (be you.) of our research is shared via TEDxFrontRange spring of 2012, and then again Sept 3 of 2013 via a PBS special titled Is School Enough.  Sierra, a full time lab student, shares her story. The potential when she is freed up to pick her own mentors/interest, is given space to be, and finds soul peace, finds/shares her art.

spring 2013 to fall 2014:

Intermittent soulbiographies of self-reflection (detox). Sharing what happens as a person takes time to talk about things that matter. We believe this is the essence of what keeps people alive and mindful. We think this will not only be evidence, but also a model for others to start detoxing, if they are so inclined. This is the focus of our why, you free people up by turning standardized testing into ongoing self-assessing.

Documentary type videos such as these.

Gatherings of  flavors of success,  to model any/every one as  perhaps we redefine success

Also, ongoing research of informal or self-directed learning with CSU, [latest: Antero Garcia looking into informal learning through the MacArthur foundation research project], and students doing detox globally at Youth Voices. Experimentation and launch of an app to facilitate and crowdsource curiosities. As well as create and model the brain documentation as a future non-linear portfolio.

Evidence of year three+ (be us.) of our research is shared via PBS(?), or IDEC 2013, Deb Roy style (time lapse of video documentation over the year). Loveland, a city in Colorado, shares their story. The potential when people are freed up to pick their own communities of practice, as they practice the art of conversation (world cafe), of listening. As they start sharing spaces, and find their peace, find their collective art.

city sketchup – video of city vision


Law is changed. Public ed is redefined. or… **(see options below)

re public ed

What people in Loveland are teaching and learning and thinking about, as found via world cafe type convos, and as found on spaces such as expert on the block and hOURschool,

Potential benefits to others.

public ed redefined.

rethinking funding:

To show how we could use govt funding in future – per census – no strings attached.

We are seeking like-funding that our district gets for education, less money used on building maintenance, transportation, salaries, etc. [not less any moneys that go toward pd, books, tech, tests, managerial practices – such as grades, etc]

We think in modeling that, if there are no strings attached, and if the people can truly crowdsource, we have more than we need. In fact, going off the latest, 1.3 trillion to public ed in the US, we’re thinking this will end up being a very good business deal. [Not even going into the whole avenue of human capital,… if we free people up.. they find their art, their soul peace, ..budget and healthcare – 2.3 trillion, and, etc… become a different game as well.]

Added to that, the number of homeschoolers/unschoolers coming back into the system, initially $3000 a piece for our district.

Added to that, the cost of time, because when people are doing things per choice, we will certainly be getting more in less time, deep practice. [Jason Fried, Rework]

To fund the collaboratoy, and as a means to fast forward what we now know so others have something timely to look in at:


  • Gilbert
  • Hsieh – might he have an interest as he builds an ed system in Vegas
  • Gates – perhaps freeing kids up from compulsory ed will allow for more cures via Angela’s – or perhaps just another way to fund ed.
  • Buffet – after reading Connor’s book on Buffet, believe Buffet would fall in love with what we’re doing if he would/could take just one listen
  • Stryker – local – world peace via soul peace rather than stadium seats
  • Tom Shadyac..
  • Larry Page


To share this quiet revolution, the collaboratory would offer a window into the community. If so inclined, people could participate and/or just watch the year unfold. How are we using the web to foster transparency and trust. How are we using the web to facilitate lurking, until people start believing in themselves, in others, and in learning. How do we learn to listen without an agenda, that there is never nothing going on.

Hosting cMOOC (mooc idea) like conversations (and recording). Space for meet ups. [ie: we’re seeking “district on sabbatical,” this could be a space for pd-ish sabbaticals, for anyone anywhere to join in, with possible face to face paid/partial paid availability. Because as we believe others are craving this… we also know… it can’t be done without all of us.]

To a global end…. Lisa Gansky unfolding her brilliant instigator collective Sept 2012, one city/community at a time, and again, IDEC August 2013.

How this might play out (a people experiment).

We’re imagining [city as floorplan] crowded/stressed school buildings start emptying out as people realize options available to pursue interests in the city. As buildings empty, perhaps we restructure existing buildings to facilitate this useful notion of space – not defined by previous stated age groups – buildings could be combinations of – or whatever. (potential benefits)

[the reoccurring – ish – is to remind us that these are indeed some amazingly cool ideas already out there.. but that these particular examples aren’t as important as the redefining public ed as equity, so that every city is free to choose/be]:

highschool bldgs: youmedia center-ish and city neighbors high-ish

middle school bldgs: maker space – ish

elementary bldgs: mission hills – ish and brightworks – ish

higher ed: shikshantar/swaraj uni-ish

We’d like to restructure at least one elementary, one middle and one highschool over the next year. And perhaps youth hostels to get the uni living experience. The whole idea of community owned spaces.

We’d like to acquire a space for the physical collaboratory/maker space – like a combo of mission hills/maker/youmedia as model. [originally – Possibly 965,000 for purchase of 7000 sq ft.] (1 mill space and tech infusion)

A space to host conversation & making/doing/being.


  • Tech heavy. Ability to livestream, archive, skype/hangout/junto in and record. Ongoing video for documentary of entire year as time lapse, bird’s eye view even. Stations at windows for people to overlook the city and add dreams to city google sketch up. (Deb Roy style)
  • Listen heavy. As the web teaches us about lurking until we trust, about transparency, so we don’t waste time being other people. This will be a space to model how tech can help us listen to the silent and see the invisible. (Monica Anderson style)
  • Home heavy. Our kitchen table of sorts, so that the convos are about us, becoming us. So an actual bar and sink and fridge and table. (BIF HQ style)
  • Useful heavy. Some office spaces for people to work, dry erase boards, as privacy walls when needed, everything on wheels or suspended. (Jason Fried style)

A space to host business aspect – launching of micro/macro loaning. (1 mill start up)


  • Plan is that soon that funding would be self-supported within our community. It would be a means for any entrepreneurs, but especially students, to jumpstart their dreams. ( think – a local kiva, kickstarter)

A meeting space for district, city, esp as they are collabing.


  • potential office spaces, ie: creative sector, district innovation lab, artspace, ace
  • round table, world cafe meet ups, intro-ing lab thinking to community


But perhaps especially, maker-space and resource heavy – community owned model of what the entire city could be.

We’ve crowdsourced some communities of practice in Loveland that are seeking space:

  • A Maker Space, for robotics, programming, etc. We’d like to purchase something like the property on jefferson & 3rd. [Also potentially house a more high end maker space within the agilent building.]
  • We were given a space (be you house) for our experimenting with space detox, a space to learn what it means to be. We’d like to pay the renter for his previous year’s donation of space, wifi, and utilities.
  • Perhaps another temporary space focused on practicing self-conversation (detox), and person to facilitate that space.

We’re looking at several other spaces, that we’re dreaming about because of crowdsourcing:

  • A space (house east of be you) for video/photo/graphic design, staffed by 3 district employees. We’d like to pay rent and ½ – full salaries. Brett G, Jen(1 mill)
  • A space for dance, theatre, etc, (good fellows on 4th). Low payment, if any, and probably manned by homeschooler/unschoolers, theatre teachers
  • A space especially for younger people, where their only pay is sharing a curiosity, filled with mentors that would get to know the young people by focusing on strewing their curiosity the next visit. (Blas – paid facilitator, 900 retired teachers)
  • A space(s) for future of pi lab [a local, more personal hub for the city, vs the collaboratory space as national/global outreach] within one space or spread about but incorporating holistic human capital ie: conversation – making – culinary kitchen – wellness center – food pharmacy – staples farm.. (Heather – paid facilitator). (1 mill)
  • A space for physical fitness & sports business/gaming – Cleveland & 4th? (1 mill) nick, cristian – city as obstacle course – soccer field
  • Museum renovation – geo cache, et al. Antero, owen (1/2 mill)
  • Tunnel – skatepark. (1 mill)
  • 1st & railroad homeless hotel – via Doug (1 mill)
  • bed & breakfast – as an apprenticeship center, and as a space to house visiting sabbaticals and/or youth hostels – Uncollege thinking, Blake Boles thinking (1 mill) –
  • wilderness/wildlife preservation/research – via Ray, seth (1 mill)
  • horse/animal ranch – Willow/Natalie (1/2 mill)

As people move out of existing school buildings, would like to start to restructure at least 3 to model and prototype our 4th year vision, where schools are more spaces of vast exposure, resource and meet up places – for any age – and building could be combos. Looking at perhaps:

                           (1 mill each)

Other things we’d like to start up or have.

  • City wifi, or at least major hubs, and devices   Greg Hill disruptive dept, Kosta Grammatis ahumanright.org (1 mill)
  • app to ground chaos convo, ai (Road Narrows, Monica Anderson, Hayes, the brain), etc  – huge  (1 -2 mill) – google (similar to their fall 2013 beta)
  • Zip bike, pedicab, creative means of transportation   (1/2 mill)
  • frequent flyer miles – to help fund people coming or going
  • expert architect(s) for all the school remodel and skatepark and etc., creating these spaces (1 mill)  http://www.honestbuildings.com/
  • telling the story, sharing the vision, pbs, soulbiography, book (Steve, Nic, Al, Kelly & Udi, Cristian at madwire?) (1 mill+)
  • unschooling counselor –  facilitate fears back to freedom/curiosity et al (Deb, Amy, Jake, Blake, …)

18 to 20 mill – ish, to fast forward 2+ years change into 1 or less, (this was a 4 yr plan), to create an intense incubation lab. a synchronicity. (how to change a city, a reality show that matters)

crazy? who’s to say. 17.9 mill just for colorado race to top initiatives. plenty of research to question the craziness of that.  [more on funding, ie: 900 bill in 2010..]  20 – 50 bill on testing 1.3 trill ed as #2 market in us

this fast forward year will model how we can use govt ed funding (that already exists) per census for any district/city wanting to join in. any city/district/state being bold enough to decide they’re more about betterness than busyness, more about breathtaking than mediocre, more about brilliant than status quo, more about setting people free than mindlessly getting through the day,  that they would rather pump adrenaline into souls, than money into dependency on consumption of things that don’t last, or measure things we don’t really care about.

why: free people

how: create spaces of permission

what: gatherings that matter (call that school)

vision videos – the be lab
why slidedeck


*options.. (working on this.. will add more soon)

1. funding comes per district census

kids are free for year –

if it works – completely changes ed/world

if it doesn’t –

This experiment cannot do the children any academic harm, since there is good
evidence that normal children will make up the first seven years schoolwork with four to seven
months of good teaching.   – Paul Goodman

2. funding comes per district census for lab/experiment portion

3. detroit

4. uganda/jackson

5. new/old economy

6. combo

7. more no strings