david brown

charter school

but (at least last i looked) have to replace.. all ie: 500 policies..literally redefine ness

2 min – focus on scores of math et al..

verifiability ness – on proving success.. flavors of success.. redefining success .. et al

sudbury ness

sudbury ness

ian macardo school – all been previously expelled.. no rules… before no punishment.. all students ended up in prison.. after.. none have gone to prison.. in 7 yrs..


financially independent.. ness

perhaps we disengage .. not only from validating people… but from measuring transactions..

9 min – why compare..?.. good degree.. good job..

is that the essence of us.. ?

charter school attendance increased earnings by $2000

ugh to that..

11 min – learning to learn.. active learning… then ends.. increased exam results..

why use exam results..?

12 min – in real life.. have to take initiative..

to active learning.. let’s try this.. rev of everyday life.. ness.. ie: short

13 min – i was never taught what laws there are

if questioning school.. why not question laws.. no?

14 min – after 4-5 hour long meeting…

why that..? why meetings..?

15 min – loneliness rising..

secret weapon – age mixing

imagine.. in the city – so age mixing from birth to death…. and ..as the day..

17 min – googling.. school makes me want to…

on parents’ social pressure to stick to the system..

voluntary compliance ness.. has us all asleep

18 min – taking test for security.. insecurity.. not getting report cards..

19 min – tried to keep this video fun.. but.. hard to know what to do.. ridiculous that not more studies done on this..

cevin, john tg, john h,

more scary.. well adjusted/intelligent that didn’t even notice they were being disrespected


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