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7:20 – partial freedom is no freedom ness.. krishnamurti

kids may not know what they are going to do on a given day, but they are usually quite prolific about what they are interested in….

so much like the be you house vision/experiment..

Peter Gray‘s research has been heavy in Sudbury Schools.

Peter will be speaking at a local (wheatridge, co) sudbury school jan 16, 2014 – Alpine Valley.

..staff at Alpine and president of Center for AdvancingSudbury Education – Bruce Smith

Bruce just intro’d us to ClearView Sudbury – in Austin, TX.


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democratic education (long lists of democratic schools & of sudbury schools)


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unschoolers at sudbury


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To begin with, there are misunderstandings that come when the word “nothing” is used instead of the more complete and accurate response: “nothing that would make any sense to someone who doesn’t have the same level of knowledge and caring that I do about the particular set of interests, questions, ideas, concerns, events, places and things on which I spend my energy.” When adults tell other adults that they’re doing “nothing,” everyone assumes it is a polite way to avoid a great deal of effort describing things of limited interest. But it’s clear that few adults understand that word in the same way when it’s said by children.

there is never nothing going on..