charles on entropy ness

5 min video of charles eisenstein – Science, Determinism and Choice – posted feb 2022.. not sure when full talk was


The goal of control which rests at the core of the scientific ideology was for a time crumbling, although the pandemic brought the public consciousness into a more simplistic and reductionist state.

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notes under video: The goal of control which rests at the core of the scientific ideology was for a time crumbling, although the pandemic brought the public consciousness into a more simplistic and reductionist state.

science ness and intellect ness.. and our need to let go if we want to get back/to enough ness

the idea that reality is split into two.. one of which is real and one is fanciful.. and that what we call science has all of the foundations of knowledge under its domain.. that in itself is a religious ideology.. we have the truth.. we know how to get to the truth.. it’s a religious dogman

and it seemed to have been crumbling up until covid.. where then the whole world doubled down on a very narrow version of what science is.. like so much is excluded.. like 30-40 yrs of the development of alt/wholistic medicine just out the window..

deeper than that.. its more it just got us narrow

virus noticings et al

1 min – the ideology of science is crumbling from the inside.. and not only because of quantum physics.. although that’s a big part of it.. because qp was the terminus of the reductionist project.. which sought to reduce complexity to simplicity.. and the idea was we’d get to the fundamental building blocks.. and determinist relations between those building blocks.. and our ability to predict the behavior of physical systems and therefore to control them would then reach its culmination.. it would have no limit.. if you can control something at the most minute level.. then you’re in control.. you can dominate anything.. like the body for example

yeah that.. predict\able ness and graeber unpredictability/surprise law et al

2 min – and instead of reaching that paradise.. of precision and understanding and control.. what happened was.. we reach indeterminacy.. where at the very base of everything was something that looked a lot like randomness.. not determinism.. where things just happened w/o a cause.. where our whole.. since newton.. or even before.. our whole sci ideology was that things only happen if they are made to happen.. when a force operates on something

huge to red flags ness of the need for incentive ness et al

but a uranium atom.. there it is sitting there and then all of a sudden it decays.. why.. why does it decay at this moment and not that moment.. the old way of thinking says.. something must have happened to it.. something must have jostled it and knocked those protons loose from the nucleus.. something must have happened.. something must have changed.. no..

3 min – that’s not how it is.. it just happens.. randomly.. there’s a certain probability that it will happen at a certain amount of time.. it just happens acausally..

so the interp of physics was.. it’s random.. but there’s another interp in which you can say that *consciousness or choice is elemental.. that the uranium atom chooses to decay at a certain time.. that a photon chooses where to be defracted to.. which path to take.. that **choice is irreducible

*yeah.. i think it’s even deeper than that for us.. ie: curiosity over decision making.. more like a dance.. than any kind of choice making..

**yeah that.. that’s why decision making is unmooring us


4 min – and this is so hard, it’s so alien to orthodox thinking.. that this interp does not come easily to the scientific mind at this point

whalespeak and the need for a means to undo our hierarchical listening

and that’s just one of the revolutions in science.. the other one is complexity theory, that order can come out of chaos.. and that it’s not something that we have to impose upon the world.. and that we’re not in an endless battle against entropy ..t

carhart-harris entropy law et al.. we need to let go of any form of m\a\p

there are huge consequences of that too.. which would take me an hour to flesh out..