charles montgomery

charles montgomery

intro’d to Charles via Daniele‘s recommendation to read happy city.


2014 tedxvancouver:

the happy city experiment

my book – happy city – looking at intersection between happiness and urban design..

found happiness not with money but with human connection..

not that money doesn’t matter.. it does…


15 min – game – urbanology

but what if – science of people is keeping us from answering legit


march 2014 – Making Cities Happy

build a machine for making connections

urbanology – building the city you want


april 2014 – Charles Montgomery Talks “Happy City” with Mark Gorton

most powerful source of happiness.. human connection..

opposite of addiction hari





7 min – happier – ones who bike/walk to work/school

what about – if we made work/school irrelevant.. still bike/walk

8 min – the nugget of this problem.. we’re actually not that good for maximizing happiness…

we all have a rough time choosing the right thing..

because spinach or rock ness.. no?

so science of people ness


2011 – Meet Charles Montgomery, BMW Guggenheim Lab Team – New York

i became addicted to cities… the way we choose to live together in the city

in the city. as the day. a nother way.

cure ios city ness


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a people experimentvision versionsrat park ness

city ness

city sketchup ness

2 needs 

money less ness

happy ness

addiction ness


walk ing ness


naked streets