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adding page this day (baratundejoi convo’d as keynote at inaugural Connected Learning Summit held august 2018 at the mit media lab)

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“You can’t shape the world if no one is engaging with you. And humor is very effective in opening a channel of potential connection.” Using Humor to Connect and Teach @baratunde @Joi #CLS2018 #ConnectedLearning

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notes/quotes from 1 hr video []:

16 min – b: on learning and emerging being non-binary..t

18 min – j: the idea of enjoying being surprised.. t

fromm spontaneous law

21 min – b: laughter as evidence of connection

26 min – b: my relationship w computers and computer science has been informal and much more integrated and applicable.. heavily playful and applied tech

28 min – b: on equitab – divides bill according to race, pay, et al.. closing the gap one meal at a time

33 min – (on joi asking if he had any formal ed on humor.. b describing growing up listening/watching comedians.. ie: road trip) b: so i’m sure that was a background ed.. the best way to learn is to do

35 min – something about taking.. rather than waiting to get.. mother said: don’t wait for teachers to give it to you.. take it

why it matters that we go w a 2 convers.. as infra

has to start w individual.. everyday

37 min – j: wasn’t a lack of opp.. i think i had a .. form of disability.. i got kicked out of kindergarten fro running away too much.. but we were surrounded by academics.. i was always curious.. but knowledge for sake of knowledge was never interesting to me

38 min – j: survivorship bias issue.. ie: just because i survived doesn’t mean it’s the best path

same for those who say they survived school.. also too.. i think (perpetuating school) is much like b saying that his hs friends saying he was funny then.. we often remember things not as they were

40 min – j: being treated as an adult was very helpful for me

41 min – j: partially did the phd so i could slowly understand the process.. in order to change it

44 min – b: i think humor is a tool to accomplish something.. there are other tools.. ie: money, organizing, hashing, empathy, connectivity, info flows, .. and in this time i think we need every tool possible..t

imagine us focusing on cure ios city

45 min – b: librarians are like the best people in the world.. it’s really powerful to provide level access to knowledge/education to anyone.. regardless of documentation/economic/religious/racial status..t

imagine a mech to listen to & facil the curiosity of 7bn people everyday.. as it could be..

46 min – b: i don’t think jokes are enough.. we are at a pivotal point of reconstruction.. like money.. it’s not real.. it’s up to us.. that’s not funny.. that’s real.. i don’t mind playing in the real as well..t

a nother way.. sans money/measure

48 min – j: i‘m broadly negative.. i think we’re deploying tech in a way that isn’t sensitive.. algo’s reinforcing biases.. a fear that i have is that we’re trying to come up w a defn of fairness that is mathematical.. t..

of math and men.. rowson mechanical law

fairness means at least 7 diff things.. we should all be involved in that

yeah.. and everyday.. ie: equity: everyone getting a go everyday

50 min – j: upside.. polls saying millenials not buying into a lot of these things.. if want to change .. have to change people’s values.. i’m hoping next gen are going to get really disgusted w us.. i think we need a non linear *value shift.. that’s going to come thru culture shift.. not thru new laws/algos/ al.. going to require a **force of will that doesn’t happen in incremental methods..t

*value ness

**begs a means for 7bn people to leap to a nother way to live.. because what we need most is the energy of 7bn alive people

as it could be.. ie: 2 convers.. as infra




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Baratunde Rafiq Thurston (/ˌbærəˈtnd/; born September 11, 1977) is an American writer, comedian, and commentator. Thurston co-founded the black political blog Jack and Jill Politics, whose coverage of the 2008 Democratic National Convention was archived in the Library Of Congress, and was director of digital for The Onion. In 2012, his book How to be Black became a New York Times bestseller