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intro’d to Alastair via Dante – and his wiki of leipsig – that had Alastair’s ted as a link

Architecture for the people by the people – 2013 – ted – longbeachcalifornia

when we use the word architect or designer we usually mean professional.. somebody gets paid.. and we tend to assume that it’s those professionals that are going to be the ones to help us solve the really big systemic design challenges we face.. like climate change.. urbanization.. social inequality.. that’s our kind of working presumption.. and i think it’s wrong

almost everything that we call architecture today .. is actually the business of designing for about the richest 1% of the world’s population.. and it always has been

we’re back in the situation where the smartest architects/designers in the world are only really able to work for 1%

the challenge.. how are we going to turn our client from the 1% to the 100%

1\ don’t build

we need to question this idea that architecture is about making buildings.. a building is about the most expensive solution you can think of to almost any given problem.. design should be much more interested in solving problems

2\ go small

mindset.. the only thing that can make cities are big orgs.. so end up with monolithic neighborhoods most can’t afford.. cities developed by citizens..

city sketch up ness

3\ go amateur

people doing it for themselves..

rebel architecture.. iwan baan – et al

open source software and hardware.. where 3d printing gets really interesting

3d houses in nederland

we’re moving into this future where the factory is everywhere and the design team is everyone

who should control the means of production.. probably no one.. all of us

wikihouse – open source construction system.. 3d models..


a wikipedia for stuff – commons – democratization of production

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Strategic designer / inventor. 00. Co-founder Foundation. Mostly trying to work on better systems.

Alastair Parvin is a designer and civic entrepreneur based in London, UK.

He is the co-founder of WikiHouse Foundation and a member of strategic design group 00. He is currently working on better housing systems, democratic cities & technology made by and for everyone.

He also thinks, writes, speaks and advises on strategic design, housing policy and what the digital revolution means for cities, society, markets, sustainable development and our ability to tackle the most social, environmental and economic challenges of the 21st century.

As director of WikiHouse Foundation I essentially regard it as my job to make myself unemployed as soon as possible.