haydn shaughnessy

haydn shaugnessy

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Haydn – i realized i was part of the noise. learn to reason for the common good.

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i realized i was part of the noise


dec 2012:

The Elastic Enterprise, Partnership Innovation and global ecosystems


Shifitng from Products to Platform & Ecosystems | Amplify 2013

apple – i need people who can retrain themselves.. like every month

Interview with Haydn Shaughnessy (Forbes Online Magazine) 2012

Discussing the Mobile Revolution with Haydn Shaughnessy 2014

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I avoid the term business or capitalism as far as possible because I think we are moving towards a very diverse set of ideas on what it means to work and create wealth.

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Haydn’s research interests include the new global middle class, the emerging business ecosystem, mobile ecosystems, ecosystem metrics and business platforms. He has pioneered the use of semantic analysis in large-scale attitudinal research.




short ness – hoping that’s what he means by noise..





The TFoW team are saddened to hear of the passing of Flow Academy co-founder Haydn Shaughnessy @haydn1701. Haydn was a past guest speaker alonside longer-term collaborator @fgoulding  Our deepest condolences to Haydn’s family and friends. RIP Haydn.

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