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Wealth Inequality in America

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sept 2014:


most think gap is 30 to 1 when actually is 350 to 1


Streamed live on Sep 25, 2014

Leading social geographer Danny Dorling unpacks the latest research into how the lives and ideas of the 1 percent impact the remaining 99%.

RSA Replay: Inequality and the 1%


Jedediah Purdy (@JedediahSPurdy) tweeted at 4:27 AM – 27 Jul 2018 :
The NYT headline announcing Facebook’s stock slip “destroyed $120b in wealth,” which roughly equals the annual GDP of Iowa, suggests we haven’t completely worked out what we mean by “wealth.” (http://twitter.com/JedediahSPurdy/status/1022790543485558784?s=17)


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