the zeitgeist movement

zeitgeist movement

Peter Joseph established the Zeitgeist Movement in 2008.

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The Zeitgeist Movement describes itself as a grassroots, sustainability advocacy organization. Established in 2008 by Peter Joseph, the organization claims to have no official leaders. The movement advocates transition from a money-based economic system to what they define as a resource-based economy.

According to Joseph there is no direct association between the conspiracy theories in the first Zeitgeist documentary and the movement.

An article in the Journal of Contemporary Religion described the movement as an example of a “conspirituality,” a synthesis of New Age spirituality andconspiracy theory, asserting that Zeitgeist: The Movie claims that “organised religion is about social control and that 9/11 was an inside job.” The movement said that the article paints an “incorrect, misleading, offensive and defaming picture of the movement,” and that the conspiracy narratives in the first movie are unrelated to the movement.


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