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a fatal systems disorder

if you were to eliminate diseases you would eliminate professions as well

you have to create problems to create profit

inequality acts as a social pollutant – because it affects everyone

this will never go away within a monetary system

section heavy w/Gabor Mate (40 min):

full (2 hr) film:

9 min – dr Robert Sapolsky (also in the short version with Gabor) – most dangerous notion – is that that behavior is genetic – genes = things that can’t be changed

11 min – Gabor – nothing is genetically determined (very rare instances) – most diseases, mental health conditions, et al

13 min – study on suicide victims – had been abused as children – which causes change in brain – Gabor

14 min – James Gilligan

17 min – the genetic argument – it’s a cop out which allows us to ignore the social, economic and political aspects – Gabor

18 min – on addiction – Gabor

19 min – it’s respectable/acceptable to be addicted to profit

20 min – nothing of itself is addictive – the real issue is what makes people susceptible – what makes people susceptible – that it’s genetic is scientifically untenable – rather life experiences – even in utero – Gabor

22 min – dutch hunger winter affect – a fetus starving during that time – then become a horder, more likely to have high blood pressure et al, Robert

24 – prenatal and infancy effects –

28 min – on touch  – the theory of ie: letting a kid cry themself to sleep to get on a schedule. they will do that if left alone – but the implicit memory will be that of a world that doesn’t give a damn

35 min – violence is not universally distributed.. there are some communities that display none, some have no recorded cases of homicide

38 min – what’s the nature of human nature – not to be constrained by our human nature – the capacity for variety that we have is extraordinary – Robert

39 – creation of problems for profiteering.. the myth in our society is that people are competitive, selfish,.. the only way you can talk about human nature is talk about human needs.. we have need for attachment – if there – we develop into compassionate people – what we often see is the opposite because basic human needs are not met – Gabor

42 min – the economy – dr John McMurtry

44 min – private property/money investors/et al – given

45 min – Adam Smith and John Locke – now we have the system itself as god – inherent racism built in  – the invisible hand

47 min – money as a commodity in and of itself

49 min – a system disorder – that seems to be fatal

50 mi – gdp increases with rise in health care services – so – more unhealthy the people, better the economy

51 – Michael Ruppert – you have to create problems to create profit

52 min – what keeps our system going? consumption. cyclical consumption.

58 min – planned obsolescence is at the backbone of the economic system – the longer any good is in operation – the worst it is for cyclical consumption..  landfills are witness to this

1:00 – disease/crime/war  – are good for economy – huge drivers of gdp – socially negative drivers have become positive economic rewards

1:03 – if there’s any evidence of the plasticity of the human mind – it’s the evidence seen via advertising

1: 04 – companies spend more on advertising than on the product – they work diligently to create a false need for you to fill – and it happens to work

1:07 – it’s all about tracking money sequences.. ie: where do social interactions come in? only to optimize the money demand – this has got to be the most bizarre dellusion in the history of human thought

1:09 – 2 halves of global economic system are: market system: interaction of people gaming for profit; and monetary system: underlying set of policies set by institutions

1:10 – 3 basics of the monetary system (they used technical terms): 1. banks printing money out of nothing 2. pay back more than you borrow 3. you create money out of thin air

1:11 – people are basically just vehicles to create more money

2 thing about monetary system: 1. money is created out of debt. 2. interest is charged on virtually all loans made. the money needed to pay back this interest does not exist. ie: if all debt was to be paid back – there doesn’t exist that amount – perpetual increase of money supply to play into interest payments

1:12 – debt creates pressure – creating cheap laborers.. also goes for entire countries – so this is good news for the market.. then theres the stock market… buy/sell/trade debt for profit – an entirely new level of insanity

1:15 – people with slight brain damage do better as investors – because have no empathy – Max Keiser – wall street breeds people who have no empathy.. robots.. now – so they don’t have to pay people as much – they are creating real robots..  fraud has become our commodity

1:18 – the 700 trillion dollar elephant (2011)  – bail outs.. but how do you bail out a planet

1:19 – so the world is going bankrupt (whatever that means) because of debt – which isn’t even reality

1:20 – waste machine known as market system, debt machine known as monetary system – one consequence that runs through entire machine – inequality

1:21 – wall street banker takes home 300 mill a year for doing nothing for the world, while a scientist working on some cure might take home 60,000

1:22 – stealing from the world to pay the rich – built in to the system

1:24 – the single most significant factor of violence – inequality

everything goes wrong with inequality –

1:26 – debunks all reasons for bad health – what’s left has a ton to do w/the stress of poverty – Robert

1:32 – unlike politics and religion – science has no ego…?

1:35 – a global resource management system …?

1:37 – efficiency: 1. designed to last 2. recycle 3. design to accommodate physical updates

1:40 – proximity strategy – reduce transport of goods – as much as possible

1:41 – demand distribution tracking system – only tracking on global scale.. but account for usage as well… (now talking commons) – many forget it isn’t the good that they want – it’s the purpose of that good. ownership is extremely wasteful.

1:42 – strategic access – like a library –

then tie demand system into production system into  – this would create access abundance for the entire civilization – resource based economy (aka: scientific method applied to social concern)

1:45 – great little speech on – how this is possible today – Jacque Fresco

2:05 – the labor system we have today is a generator of laziness – not a cure for it – money only appears to be an incentive for mundane work – money is a false incentive

2:08 – w/the removal of money – we would remove 95% of crime (that’s how much is connected to money system)

waste of time to talk about value judgment in crime – crime as result of social health – rather than an evil

2:10 – we blame people. free to make choices means w/o being influenced. we all are influenced. fresco – victims of culture

2:14 – we’ve got to reset – w/o any isms

2:16 – we are dealing with a value systems disorder – which permeates every facit – and built into its structure are mechanisms to perpetuate/sustain/maintain, ie: if you’re not for the free market – you must be against freedom itself

2:17 – a governing syntax -rules you follow w/o recognizing what the rules are

2:18 – fascinating how many people today think they have a govt say. the only vote we have is a monetary vote. even with 20 trillion dollar bank bail outs.. 2008 ish – blindness continues. politics is a business

2:20 – George Carlin – give these people a voting day every year so they have the illusion of control/say

2:22 – structural violence: 1. poverty not a lack of food – lack of money for those people to buy food 2. hiv – don’t have money to pay for drug to keep them alive. ghandi – deadliest form of violence – poverty…  structural violence kills more than all the behavioral violence and is also the cause of all behavioral violence

2:25 – what bothers me is we’re not attempting to do anything really different..

2:27 – how could you have possibly built your ecosystem around a limited energy (oil)

2:28 – in this system – if there is no monetary incentive – it doesn’t happen


fitting perhaps – recent post – (via Salvatore on twitter):

As a result, Ethereum eliminates the need for trust between parties as well as the need for a centralised entity coordinating these parties. People can thus coordinate themselves, in a trustless (since the trust has been shifted onto the technology) and decentralised manner, without having to rely on the services of any third party institution – be it a corporate body or public institution.




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