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intro’d to uclg while reading Benjamin Barber‘s mayors rule the world.

he writes:

The UCLG is the world’s largest and most influential organization nobody has ever heard of

The U.N.? WTO? IMF? Any kid poring over middle school homework anywhere in the world knows that these state-based entities, more recognized than successful, have something to do with international relations and the global economy—or maybe with mucking them up. But the UCLG? Yet it represents half the world’s population. With 300 delegates from cities in more than 100 countries having participated in its 2010 World Congress, it may be in a better position to nurture global cooperation, and with a far greater claim to represent ordinary citizens, than state-based and money-dominated Bretton Woods institutions such as the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund ever will be


United Cities (@uclg_org) tweeted at 6:52 AM – 7 Nov 2016 :

#PublicSpace Policy Framework by and for #LocalGov in #UCLGCongress Bogotá and #Habitat3 Quitohttps://t.co/ea9V0JO94A cc @uclg_cusp https://t.co/DNePUaamJU (http://twitter.com/uclg_org/status/795625060107218944?s=17)

To further develop the global discussion on public space, the UCLG Committee on Urban Strategic Planning developed the * Public Space Policy Framework for and by local governments. The document was developed through intensive engagement sessions between the UCLG Urban Strategic Planning Committee and its partners. The framework incorporated lessons of learning exchanges in Durban, Porto Alegre and Blantyre, sector specific engagements, engagement with key strategic partners, activation and advocacy at key global events highlighting the importance of public space. The purpose of this framework is to assist and guide local governments in implementing localized urban policies on public space and to deepen the understanding of local government’s role and responsibilities in public space development. Through this journey, the Committee and its partners are advocating for public space to be a strategic component of city development and as such this framework provides cities with an opportunity to develop their own public space policy.

*pdf link: https://www.uclg.org/sites/default/files/public_space_policy_framework.pdf

p 8

THE INTENTION OF THIS FRAMEWORK is to influence cities to recognize the importance of localized citywide public space policy, to deepen the understanding of local governments’ role and responsibilities on public space development, and to maximize public space dividends at a city level. A public space policy framework provides a high-level strategy for local governments to localize key targets listed in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as opposed to *detailed prescriptive policy interventions.

still seems too *detailed/prescriptive..

p 9

It is important for cities to define their own strategies and unique solutions that are appropriate and address the needs and interests of the various stakeholders, especially the poor.

go deeper.. let 7 bn decide/change mind.. everyday.. that means.. not deciding strategies/solutions.. et al.. for the poor.. et al..

ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. as the day

p 10

Local governments have a responsibility to promote the use of public spaces in an equitable way by finding the right balance between regulation and deregulation of the use of public spaces. The rules around the uses and activities on public spaces should be given particular attention to avoid negative impact on the urban life and how they might impact on vulnerable groups such as street vendors.

imagine.. if no moneys.. no rules.. imagine if we just trust people.. facil their daily curiosities.. have/need ness

great ie’s thru to p 37.. just all are part\ial.. have to let go of controlling this.. ie: why we haven’t yet..

p 37

financial policies





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city ness



United Cities (@uclg_org) tweeted at 5:22 AM – 9 Dec 2016 :

We call for new forms of inclusive decision-making to be more accountable to citizens #localgov4transparency https://t.co/Ulzp5tzJdB https://t.co/5Et6ikTicB (http://twitter.com/uclg_org/status/807198831259582464?s=17)

to renew our endorsement of principles established by Quito Urban Agenda & its implementation at local level

let’s go deeper 16 to 2



GOLD (@GoldUCLG) tweeted at 4:21 AM – 31 Oct 2019 :
By 2050, nearly 70% of the world population is expected to be living in cities.  Are we ready for this challenge? On #WorldCitiesDay we need a radical debate on the city of the future, and how to guarantee rights, dignity and quality of life to all. #CitiesAreListening  https://t.co/7SqwsVcVxn (http://twitter.com/GoldUCLG/status/1189849947199430657?s=17)

listen deeper.. ie: cure ios city

United Cities (@uclg_org) tweeted at 4:24 AM – 31 Oct 2019 :
The #WorldCitiesDay theme this year is all about innovations for future generations
The future that our communities need will need to be co-created by all of us, together.
#CitiesAreListening to the solutions from our communities!
️Statement here
https://t.co/Z3ysf2tEtShttps://t.co/dlgSB8xV7i (http://twitter.com/uclg_org/status/1189850587480887296?s=17)

United Cities (@uclg_org) tweeted at 4:37 AM – 31 Oct 2019 :
At the World Summit of Local & Regional Leaders️We’ll discuss how cities need to adopt innovative visions & include their city dwellers in the decision-making processes to design inclusive cities for all people!
#WorldCitiesDay #CitiesAreListening
https://t.co/OWs5pYDgduhttps://t.co/6wiO0M6DBA (http://twitter.com/uclg_org/status/1189853874833776640?s=17)

UCLG Learning (@UCLGLearning) tweeted at 4:35 AM – 31 Oct 2019 :
#CitiesAreListening and organizing great tools to monitor their implementation of the global agendas. See more in our Learning Tool with the Brazilian experience of the Mandala Tool: https://t.co/rmZQ5UNQA2
 towards #UCLGCongress https://t.co/hzUicut3IR (http://twitter.com/UCLGLearning/status/1189853442644365312?s=17)

so not really listening/innovative.. rather.. fitting to agendas

Pablo Fernández Marmissolle (@pablomarmisol) tweeted at 4:41 AM – 31 Oct 2019 :
#CitiesAreListening to @Right2CityGP in order to co-create a common agenda from the territories. The #RightotheCity is an umbrella for human rights and those of new generation. Our global Town Hall is starting! #UCLGCongress https://t.co/Y7eNAOCKxN (http://twitter.com/pablomarmisol/status/1189854798427967488?s=17)

what if rights.. isn’t a common agenda.. ie: rights as cancer to an undisturbed ecosystem


United Cities (@uclg_org) tweeted at 5:01 AM – 28 Feb 2020 :
“Localization & synchronization is key: now we are here, we have made efforts at the global level. How do we localize this further? We need a bottom-up approach to the change we want to see” @HLagrelius, General Assembly of Partners.
#UCLGMeets https://t.co/9JrgQrPqO4 (http://twitter.com/uclg_org/status/1233361459297603584?s=17)

ie: cure ios city

DeLoG (@DeLoG_2030) tweeted at 4:59 AM – 28 Feb 2020 :
@HLagrelius calls for a bottom-up approach to inducing systematic changes at the global level – “We need to own the change we want to have” https://t.co/5zwQFJiAgh (http://twitter.com/DeLoG_2030/status/1233360951421886465?s=17)

Fátima Santiago (@FatimaSantiagoM) tweeted at 5:10 AM – 28 Feb 2020 :
#Listen2Cities #UN75 https://t.co/0R4Aj3RM3f
For 2045, we are calling for a bottom-up approach to the change we want to see, it has to come from local level, daily management of our lives. We have to own the change, to be the change we want to see. https://t.co/JtGgMOrnq8 (http://twitter.com/FatimaSantiagoM/status/1233363782199578624?s=17)

#Listen2Cities #UN75

Join the conversation! https://t.co/7vIZj3KSTk https://t.co/jhMjqLe7SW

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/uclg_org/status/1233374796941086720

we need to go beyond ‘joining’ a conversation/conference et al.. we have the means to listen to 8b conversations.. everyday..

let’s listen deeper ie: 2 conversations as infra..