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intro’d to transmediale via their afterglow conference where Laura, Jacob, TrevorBenjamin, Bruce, .. had keynotes.. (haven’t yet found Benjamin’s)



[MUST LISTEN] Fire-crackers from @jaromil & @leashless: Visions for Shaping flows of Value/s

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after the sharing economy – moderated by ben vickers

share econ principles: access not ownership; trust based market places ;unused value is wasted value

despite early stage rhetoric of share econ.. putting people at heart.. democracy…et al…  in less than decade we’ve seen sharing become more of a rental econ… this happens in the guise of software…

the after of after share econ.. is to seek new future… nod to trevor and nathan and platform coop

panel –Vinay Gupta Francesca Pick Denis Rojo aka Jaromil Ben Vickers

francesca – founder of oishare… ; vinay -world leader in infrastructure – ambassador for blockchain; and jaromil – citizen led orgs

francesca – no consensus on what share is… develop over last years… 1\ food coops  2\ platforms like ebay – p2p  3\ ride sharing  4\ wikipedia  5\ couch surfing  6\ platforms to share everything….. also happening in ed/public funding.. etc… … promises of share econ that have disappointed: micro entrepreneurship; environmental hopes; creating strong bonds between people; distribution of power – taking out intermediary…  what’s the reality.. people haven’t become empowered.. et al…

24 min – vinay – 90s – hope was that we’d see a change powered by strong encryption… then 10 yrs… and out of nowhere.. bitcoin… and cypher punk back… there’s a fundamental/political ideology behind it all… thinking – if you give people the right tools they’ll be able to make their own decisions… then they would be free…. what i would hope to do to capitalism if i’m going to have to put up with it… real sticking point – this elon musk guy – ie: the great man theory of history… w/o being paired w/sovereign authority… yet to see a proposal to get us out of one side with out sacrificing the other.. this is a big dilemma in my life right now.. the old bright green notion of capitalism.. the great waste.. is food.. we dump it in africa.. poisons a bunch of people… but they can’t sue… the parts that seem tractable… monopolies largely formed via hubs… ie: google.. relatively similar to like visa.. neither are actually a monopoly…  possibility .. of smart contracts.. live inside blockchain.. to can’t undo it and visible to everybody.. agreement is a public trust and happens automatically… get rid of monopolies.. a bit like the platform coop w/out the platform..  likewise the corruption… harder to see.. but could require really radical transparency… by forcing into blockchains.. might do much about political corruption.. ie: if you want to be part.. have to be completely transparent… still have 50% of world’s wealth controlled by 1000 people… like sweden having 2 people have 50% of assets… even if to reinvent that.. when start w/enormous imbalance… hard to see it not being on top of situation indefinitely.. in conditions where property is power.. they may continue to win… can also see.. monastery ness.. but can’t see anything you can do in those frameworks.. that will do anything about enormous pre existing concentrations of capital .. it seems you still need redistribution function.. which is still as controversial as ever.. so.. more it changes more stays same… remaining area.. what happens when start thinking about ownership in means of production.. in re to shares of companies… final.. if in position where much wider distribution of equity.. could democratize means of production.. also spread outside wealth when it occurs… rather than 1 zuck… spread across shareholders..  might produce introducing shifts in society.. but predominately would be in middle class.. still leaves problem of spectrums of wealth..

41 min – jaromil – project last 2-3 yrs.. almost to end…  to analyze how policy making is down.. decision making and follow up..  we actually don’t care to validate the person w/an algo… on tackling crisis of trust w/tech means.. probably still be left w/o trust… so where does trust come from.. what makes ie: occupy work w/o everyone stabbing each other.. downer for hype of blockchain.. hard to say opportunistic.. how do we deal with tech so distributed.. in longer run.. what do we do w/it..

rna ness – diff focus.. diff data.. [ie: self-talk as data]

how can we assure.. on the long term… we decided start from interface of the people…their wallet.. rather than the blockchain… ie: what is the interaction of the wallet itself… intro a new way to manage groups of affinity… we envision groups that want to use them for their own good.. can be a lot down.. blockchain will give insurance that this has really happened.. but what matters really is that people can self empower… this is most important challenge.. that we can grow new forms of rationality.. relating ourself to world around us but not constantly dealing with decaying rationality of institutions…  playing w/the world of entropy.. the randomness you need for the calculations.. ie: food production useless unless on massive scale.. on other side.. financialization from production ness… trying to find key between these 2 worlds.. and how to give value to what really counts to people around us…  we might be able then to redistribute the wealth… so far.. what i’ve heard so far…  i think of focault.. who prob made same mistake.. wanted to describe birth of biopolitics and ended with neoliberalism…. continental drift we are facing.. how do we deal with this semantic slide.. ie: socialism not crime in u.s. but not only answer that we have here.. what we have a policy making process that is scary… start up econ dangerous.. ie: means tax free investment – basically investors are using public money… to invest…  where is the infrastructure that we share in all this… ie: who’s maintaining trash if air bnb in charge..  working w/iceland, podemos, …

59 min – ben – summary ness – vinay when you said – if people had the tools they would be free… there was definitely a sense that we had the tools… there is this sense that everybody is pushing toward blockchain… i wonder in same way as decades past.. what are the kind of tools/ways of seeing/axioms that are saying blockchain is the tool et al.. and how are we sure we’re not just ie: cycling again…

60 min – jaromil – on platform not owned by user… ownership of production means is still a crucial point.. and in the blockchain – miners actually own production means..

62 min – francesca – the transactions aren’t the tech..  there are many diff layers of decentralization.. blockchain is a means of that.. but doesn’t necessarily mean we’re automatically free or that govt is decentralized.. we shouldn’t believe that just that we have this it will solve problems.

indeed – huge – to vinay’s roadblock ness… we have to focus on what matters..

64 min – vinay – 70s spent 20 yrs.. figuring out databases.. 90s spent 20 years figuring out network…  blockchain first final reconciliation between database and network… r3 comes along a consortium that was 12 banks.. currently 49.. will prob end up 100-200 banks… body using to study.. hard to tell if final platform (ethereum) … or just starting place for research.. open source code running on microsoft azure cloud.. so this stuff going corporate very quickly.. i first thought blockchain ambition ought to be to teach banks all of our bad habits.. now that banks on top of this.. i wonder if that was an error.. if ever see hyper capitals make claim for state it’s a consortium of a couple thousand global fin institutions in a non state currency…

67 min – ben – let’s zoom out from – if you like it put a blockchain on it… ie: how do you pay for the roads, public goods…

vinay – in past.. we’ve just taxed physical assets.. because you can see them..

ben – as you move away from centralization .. that’s not so easy…  ie: the idea of uni basic income.. there’s a bad finnish version.. a less bad swedish version

69 min – francesca.. i see bi as a means to solve this.. just what we don’t know is human motivation and how they work.. i say.. we have unemployment and it’s sort of bi.. and it unleashes a lot of potential… from living off unemployment.. so i think we need to have more trust in the fact that if people had this kind of bi they would actually invest time in social good.. but there’s this dilemma thinking everyone will rely on state and not be productive.. i don’t see how we can bring these extremes together to get the transition to take place..

radical econ..  a nother way ..

70 min – jaromil – to talk of this.. i think you need another panel with experts.. on this..

are there any..? has anyone really tried it..?

i think it’s definitely a study we need to do and try.. there are factors that are strangling people’s life.. this is biopolitics.. the relational value in the city..  i think eric duran should go around and put venture capital in it

73 min – ben – we were hoping for eric .. but given his work.. he’s a fugitive in it…

q&a – (audience) there has been large scale of bi in canada.. then research not public for long time… but open now.. they found motivation wise.. it worked very well…  economically it was sound..  also want to say…  bi is not same as unemployment.. w/unemployment.. strings are attached…. and

vinay – my qualm about bi – is that it redistributes money but not power… from human potential good idea.. but defang politics… set up to play vr all day..


76 min – (audience) – decentralization… vinay – ethereum takes step.. ie: charity.. but decentralization of creative work is very difficult..


if some mech to figure out voting mech for bitcoin.. but in principal can resolve using demo system… in practice.. until you see demo or better than demo for software develop channels.. hard to get control of tech.. might be 10 yrs…  whole new set of architecture that has to get built out..

81 min – (audience from sf) – what’s the plan.. is it more democracy… how would it be enacted..

82 min – vinay – 4 yr electoral demo – hasn’t changed in 400 yrs… so what’s happened govt gone from bleeding edge to being 300 yrs out of date in ability to change... et al… when demo agency used for mass murder… now state seen as enemy.. core fuel for people looking for an escape from democracy…  core problem.. massive abuse of power in u.s. of military from 9 11 onwards… attitude of govt is bad get rid of it is from govt being murderous… worth noting that because such broken demo apparatus are rapidly end running around that… all the extremes.. trying to take little corner of power away from the state

85 min – francesca.. unfortunately in europe i think there is not plan… but ie: cities putting funds into supporting initiatives… so role for europe to play.. to keep solidarity idea.. morals.. to figure out how this can go in good direction

86 min – (audience – or jaromil..?) – benjamin bratton – possibility to change the actual message.. as tech of theatre goes on.. in theatre progress but every progress means an opportunity not just in social message.. perhaps one can be in no conflict.. but in wasted opportunities..  i believe a lot are thinking they are doing good by eliminating social w/an algo…  how to help them see.. wasting opportunity

perhaps hasten rev if we give trust of free people an honest go. ie: list of irrelev’s & time/energy exponentiate



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