glennon doyle melton

Glennon Doyle Melton



hiding places aren’t safe – because we are really wired to connect

show up and do the next right thing..

everyone has the answers inside of her (them)..

if people are given enough time and space in a nonjudgemental space. .. they will find the answers themselves..

spaces of permission – with nothing to prove



Lessons from the Mental Hospital – TEDxTraverseCity

people think of addicts as insensitive liars.. but we don’t start out that way.. we start out sensitive.. and are taught to pretend.. ie: i’m fine

the morning sun – invitation to have a day..

everydaygroundhog day ness

hope’s daily invitation to me to come back to life..

sensitive is just how i was made.. i don’t have to fix it.

only difference.. i used to numb my feeling and hide and now i feel my feelings and share..

they (feelings) are just guides..

instead of running – if i just – be still

we don’t need anymore superheroes.. we just need awkward/honest human beings out in the bright big messy world..


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Brené Brown

Gabor Maté

Carl Hart

most people are other people

Sam Richards…. interconnectedness