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the regen

intro’d to re gen when intro’d to Rory Spowers, founder/editor

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The Re-Generation will highlight people and projects for ‘systems change’ in six definitive areas — Food, Health, Economics, Community, Culture and Consciousness. (a media platform for systems change solutions –)

partners/patrons/advisors: Bruce Parry | Charles Eisenstein | Rupert Sheldrake | Jojo Mehta | Amanda Feilding | Jasmin Hemsley | Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall | Colin Tudge | Helena Norberg-Hodge | Satish Kumar | Russell Brand | Tony Juniper | Graham Hancock | Daniel Pinchbeck

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1 min video aug 2019 – RORY SPOWERS on Our Consciousness []

our conceptual separation from the rest of nature is the biggest delusion of all.. what we need is a massive shift in understanding who we are and our relation to nature and rest of universe

let’s just start there.. rather than w the food et al

2 convers as infra

consciousness something much more fundamental to whole universe & quite possible the primary nature of reality.. that everything arises w/in consciousness..t

so why start with food? (and the other 4).. in your 6 spheres


russell and rory on consciousness

45 min video – embedded in article above – The Re-Generation: Rory Spowers in discussion with Russell Brand at Port Eliot Festival 2019 []

5 min – russell: i’m interested in participating in consciousness where we can facil this awareness/awakening so we can have new system.. looking at us as one

9 min – russell: on psychedelics et al.. as if there is a common language beyond verbal/spoken language.. why is this so hard to get when we dream every night

ie: idio-jargon et al

13 min – russell: fear and desire trigger my ego.. and that’s what media focuses on .. fear and desire

fear and desire approach limit of neg infinity if we focus on maté basic needs

14 min – russell: i need people to wake up.. because i’m lonely.. want to find other people who believe there’s another way

costello screen service law.. et al.. and why we felt we’d gone far enough with the lab.. has to be all of us to dance

humanity needs a leap.. to get back/to simultaneous spontaneity .. simultaneous fittingness.. everyone in sync..

16 min – russell: look at us.. we’ve been deluded.. i’ve got no choice but to not want an alt.. and .. i’ve got no right to judge anyone

begs we detox/facil us via tech w/o judgment

22 min – russell: (on how to get there).. maybe look at where points of resistance are.. ie: econ/political polarization

23 min – russell: there are limitless ways of org ing

ongoingly.. esp if we center on one daily simple org (at least until we all wake up) ie: 2 convers as infra

25 min – russell: access to new plains of data

ie: self-talk as data

26 min – rory: would you believe we can’t incremental this

russell: i do believe that rory but i wouldn’t want to negate the people who work very hard in those fields.. so we gotta do what we gotta do.. but for me personally.. then goes off on bucky and replicating nature.. we should emulate indigenous ness

yeah that.. thinking restate/update 7.18.

27 min – russell: afford people a greater role in life than part of an econ system

28 min – rory on hg’s being peaceful and anarchic

30 min – russell: for me spirituality is entirely practical.. if you don’t give me coping techniques i’m going to freak out

35 min – q&a