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steve jobs bw 2 so much.. here’s just a couple things: secrets of life graduation speech – 2005 eulogy from sister _________

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steve jobs

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entitled The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs. Here are the seven:

1. Do what you love
2. Put a dent in the universe – have a big vision
3. Kick-start your brain – use creativity and have lots of different experiences
4. Sell dreams not products – understand what people want to accomplish
5. Say no to 1000 things
6. Create insanely great experiences
7. Master the message


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steve jobs

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steve jobs – gotta love it

John Hagel (@jhagel) Words of wisdom from Steve Jobs:. Without passion, any rational person would give up via@maverickwoman

essence of true grit ness..

steve jobs in be you book
Steve Jobs movie out soon. he is played by (Chris) Ashton Kutcher.

jobs (film) notes/quotes

steve jobs lost interview
from first video – about 19 min in.. i found that a lot of things in business were folklore..
22 min in .. talking about money
30 min – keen insight.. when companies start getting bigger – they want to replicate their initial success – so they start to institutionalize process.. to the demise of content…. the best people are the ones that really understand the content.. they are a pain to manage .. but worth it..
very end of 1st video and start of 2nd: the disease of believing that an idea is 90% of a company – designing a product is keeping 5000 in your brain.. and remixing them every day.. it’s that process that is the magic..
4 min in – in tech – it’s 50 to 1.. so find these players
8:38 – i don’t care if i’m wrong.. i”ll admit that often.. what i care about is that we do the right thing…
27 min – web is allowing internet to be more about communication than computation – a defining social moment
28 min – humans are tool builders.. so we build tools that dramatically amplify our innate abilities.. the bike.. computer will rank near or at the top..
31 – picasso – good artists copy, great artists steal..

are you a hippie or a nerd

33 min – hippie – via – there is something beyond what we see… life wasn’t about what they saw their parents doing… what causes some people to want to be poets instead of bankers – i don’t think that most of the people i have worked with worked with computers for the sake of computers.. computers were the medium..


Steve would tell you that listening to others is the route to mediocrity. You can’t “think different” when you’re taking your lead from the same people as everyone else.
trip to india..
In an interview with Walter Isaacson for his biography, Jobs said:
If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your mind is. If you try to calm it, it only makes things worse, but over time it does calm, and when it does, there’s room to hear more subtle things — that’s when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before. It’s a discipline; you have to practice it.



To Invent the Future, You Must Understand the Past…

It’s like that Schopenhauer quote about the conjurer,” he (jobs)says. When I look blank, he tells me to wait and then dashes upstairs. He comes down a minute later holding a book and reading aloud

He who lives to see two or three generations is like a man who sits some time in the conjurer’s booth at a fair, and witnesses the performance twice or thrice in succession. ..

The tricks were meant to be seen only once, and when they are no longer a novelty and cease to deceive, their effect is gone.

so .. need history.. or to be old.. or to have zoom dance capabilites


The move by eight of Shockley’s employees to launch their own semiconductor operation called Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957 marked the first significant modern startup company in Silicon Valley.


Think of the transistor as the grain of sand at the core of the Silicon Valley pearl. The next layer of the pearl appeared when people strung together transistors, along with other discrete electronic components like resistors and capacitors, to make an entire electronic circuit on a single slice of silicon. This new device was called a microchip. Then someone came up with a specialized microchip that could be programmed: the microprocessor. The first pocket calculators were built around these microprocessors. Then someone figured out that it was possible to combine a microprocessor with other components and a screen — that was a computer.

The Steve Jobs 95 Interview unabridged

18 min – on what he thinks should happen w ed
customer went away… when mom’s went to work (parents are real customers to ed)
believes voucher is answer to ed
 16 min – on ed needing a person not tech… to inspire and guide curiosity
20 min – since people don’t feel like they’re spending their own money.. feel it’s free… i feel if govt gave parents 4400 … parents would create more attention… govt would start competing for parents.. new schools would start… ie: young people out of college.. start school rather than company
a lot of public schools would go broke.. but far less painful than what going through now..
23 min – i used to think tech was solution.. but not so
24 min – tv et al.. not a conspiracy.. because it’s the people that want to watch the shows that are on.. want to just sit and turn off brain..
25 min – then talking about giving people freedom..
1:00 – on internet and web (and this in 95)

1:06 – on www – 1/3 users in ca

1:08 – on buying pixar from g lucas
1:09 – talking about toy story coming out
1:12 – on death being good… because young aren’t stuck in thinking.. see world as potential.. wouldn’t be progress w/o death..

people who are settled in don’t see it...

on professionals.. not seeing.. the dream
1:15 – about pure perseverance..  unless have a lot of passion.. so have to have an idea.. a problem.. a wrong you want to right
1:16 – power.. what is that
1:18 – live each day as if it will be your last… individuals don’t have responsibilities.. the work is the thing..
1:20 – all inventions in bay area… this is where the beatnick happened.. the hippie movement.. only place where rock and roll came out of
1:22 – i give most credit to uni’s stanford and berkley
while taking in above.. along side – i saw (and took in) Keith talking on Steve et al:
working for steve jobs:
on steve, and mark, and ibm…
16 min – on art museum and people wanting to touch art
17 min – what a ceo has to do – see alt future.. and a way to get there… face ambiguity.. help people to see it’s going to be ok

18 min – design is a method of imagining something that does not yet exist

 ie: a nother way

revolution of everyday life.. all designing each day. as the day.

19 min – embracing constraint (that which painfully is), challenging the status quo (it does not need to be this way), summoning courage (you will act before almost anyone else sees your pov)

22 min – most of us good at looking not at seeing

perhaps we focus on that… ie: tech that helps us see with heart via self-talk as data et al…

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake


calm tech


Steve Jobs rare footage conducting a presentation on 1980 (Insanely Great)

6 min – what we’re doing…building tools that amplify a human ability

9 min – key area we’re focusing on – remove the barrier of learning to use machine.. w/o learning to program computer…

12 min – on helping the 1 on 1 run smoother…

15 min – simplicity – the ultimate sophistication.. (apple comes before atari in phone book)

17 min – what is software – it’s something changing to rapidly.. don’t know what want yet.. or didn’t have time/tech to get into hardware.. ie: yesterday’s software is today’s hardware.. that line is going to get finer and finer…. looking at how they will merge…

19 min – on obsolete ness.. i don’t think apple 2 is ever going to be obsolete… another angle.. apple is going to eventually have other lines of products… diff emphasis… broadening products w/diff emphasis.. apple 1 we absolutely did obsolete.. but i don’t see that with apple 2


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In other words, it’s okay to tell your employees that their work is shit and to park your Mercedes across two handicapped parking spaces—as long as the end result is a successful product.

Somewhere along the way, it seems that Silicon Valley decided that internet connectivity matters more than human connectivity; that a surfeit of technical intelligence can make up for a dearth of emotional intelligence.


snopes says death bed speech floating around (first post in 2015).. weren’t his..