Self-Taught: Life Stories From Self Directed Learners (Official Trailer) – by Jeremy Stuart

blake: the only way to find out what makes you feel alive is to spend time experimenting..  and most young people don’t get that chance to experiment

no one does..

what we need most: the energy of 7bn alive people

ken: we don’t as a culture trust teenagers/children.. we’re pretty sure that if we leave them to their own devices.. they will make rotten decisions.. could we just let them see and see what they do.. and be curious what people do with freedom


miro: it’s just a sense of freedom.. a sense of not feeling like i’m working toward somebody else’s ideal perception of what i should be doing

supposed to’s.. of school/work


clip of peter:

“What my research shows is that children don’t need school. Let me put it that way.” – Dr. Peter Gray



gray don’t-need-school law


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