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unschooling/worldschooling with his mom, Lainie LIberti

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Raising Miro on the Road of Life – Travel Podcast – Inspiration, Travel, Unschooling & Global Citizenship

Our mission is to inspire other families, demonstrate the world as a safe place, expand your thoughts about learning through unschooling and world schooling and become global citizens.


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ie: when asked about teen rebellion..

All (or most) of my life choices were made by me, so rebellion became pointless.


and now expanding beyond project peru to..

project world school


april 2016 – Unschooling: making the world our classroom | TEDxAmsterdamED



my mom never told me these were the things she wanted for me.. we just lived them..


2017 –


44 min – i can’t see my self living with a set out plan .. for my life.. goes back to that adaptability


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Guess who’s a Huffington Post author now? Check out Miro‘s story called: I Quit School At 9 To Live A Nomadic Lifestyle


We were miserable. I hated my school and felt disconnected from my mom. My mom, a single parent workaholic who worked upwards of 80 hours a week, felt it too. By society’s standards she was doing her best for me, but she couldn’t help and feel that she missed her son’s childhood entirely. Before the crash happened, we were privileged and unhappy, and neither one of us could reconcile those two things.


as time went on, our mentality began to shift. We slowed down, no longer feeling the need to rush from place to place.


And most of all, I was able to reclaim my relationship with my mom, something that had been lost long ago.


I desperately wanted community, but the community I wanted was nowhere to be found. So we decided that we would create the community ourselves. That’s when my mom and I co-founded Project World School,


I’m 19 now and couldn’t be happier with my life: I am balanced, well-adjusted and fulfilled. I have a beautiful self-made network of friends and peers that spans the world over, I’ve maintained healthy relationships with people despite the distances between us, and I’m active and passionate in my learning process. For now, I’m uninterested in pursuing a university education. I’m already an accomplished writer and a published poet; I work for myself, and I make my own way through this great big world of ours.

Even though I’m currently in the process of setting out on my own, my mom and I are still very close, and because of this journey that we’ve shared together, our relationship will never be the same.


It’s been 10 years since we made the decision that started it all. Thirty-six countries, five continents and countless experiences later, I find myself as a young adult who has spent half of his life walking the line of uncertainty and immersing himself in the many cultures he’s encountered on the way.. I find a person who has been without a house but has never been homeless, a person who collects memories over things and sees the unique value and beauty that every different perspective brings.


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