scott strode

scott strode

[boulder, co]

cnn Heroes Tribute:


2014 – eTown eChievement Award

3 min – 23% relapse rate.. formal treatment 50% – and we don’t even have a clinical component.. – just a positive social component

sometimes shame of relapse can bury you – so we ask only 48 hour clean and sober..

about 80% of our folks say pheonix has helped them stay clean and sober

on equity – everyone getting a go everyday – or at least every 48 hours..


intro’d to Scott via tedx by Jacki Hillios that was showing while i was listening (for first time) to Bruce Alexander. (rat park ness)


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Scott Strode is the Founder and Executive Director of Phoenix Multisport, Inc. (“Phoenix”), a non-profit organization based in Boulder, CO. Launched in 2007, the organization offers an innovative recovery model that fosters a sober active community to those recovering from alcohol or drug addiction and those who choose to live a sober life. With chapters in Boulder, Colorado Springs and Denver, Phoenix is growing to serve more people in the Front Range of Colorado including programs with military personnel at Fort Carson. Phoenix is partnering with drug courts and in-patient treatment programs to reach people who may be early in their recovery and introduce them into community chapters.

Scott founded phoenix multisport:


2/28 we will begin Phoenix programs for students at University of Colorado Collegiate Recovery Center.


addiction.. 2 needs ness

opposite of addiction hari






perhaps rat park ness with Scott in prospect or ?


Scott Strode (@ScottAStrode) tweeted at 6:03 AM – 21 Sep 2018 :
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Phoenix is Rethinking How We Treat Addiction – With Dramatic (

7 min video – sept 2018

when i got to pheonix.. there was no shame in recovery.. that changed me

tape into intrinsic strength

in 11 yrs. more than 24 000 people

we’re.. all of us..trying to figure out how to connect.. imagine if as a society we could give that to each other.. sounds like a lofty goal. but i don’t think it is

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