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Sam learning Hebrew:

meeting the guys in australia (Edna's kids):
chess in Hebrew - practicing time/talent trade:
talking with school board member (now president) about Hebrew:
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We have crafted and are ongoingly crafting this site to share learnings/insight/curiosities/wonderings – [it seems almost like a thesis of the last 4 years and also a prototype for an app we are crafting – yet seeking to model/share it in a way to perhaps debunk the mindset many currently hold (or are held to) on what matters, ie: what does success mean, what does credentialing mean]  So everyone’s work is all over it. And attribution becomes a blur, as we melt into us.

Besides work/insight on the site, particularly with video/web design, Sam’s interest has been in ideas relating to a new mindset in what economy means. Seen in some of the following pages

small is beautiful – economy as if people mattered

decentralization – starfish and the spider

new econ for 100% of humanity – 1 earning a living for 10,000

behavioral econ – how do you define irrational, why do we do what we do

intention economy – intentionality/transparency as currency – goal of curiosity app

relationship economy – if trust became our currency

emotional economy

the zoom dance – timelines..

95% – literacy/cheating

– econ plan for city as school: betting on the sync (people, spaces/resources, tech to connect)

– little longer version – our informal business plan: business plan

to know

In the first year of the lab – he jumped/fell right into the time/talent mentality (chess for Hebrew) via Skype with a Jewish school in Australia.

This year he’s experiencing another virtual realm with MLB Stars Collection:

sam's baseball econ game

MLB Stars Collection is an iOS application by CyberX that is officially endorsed by Major League Baseball. The app puts the user in the position of a GM as they attempt to construct a dynasty using real MLB players from all 30 teams.

Of the game he writes:

During the course of a day, I’m talking to other players, perhaps 100 are playing at a time, I maybe talk to 10-15 a day. You make posts and people comment on them. For example, the people that I have for trade, what I’m looking for to get from the trade, then others post an offer. So to me, this is like Economics because I attend events to earn prizes to get started, like my own company. Then people start buying from me or trading with me. From there I have to figure out things like, what I want, what ‘s a good deal, what’s a fair deal.

Their wikia site.

Here Mary Ann writes of similar community/learnings of her son via Minecraft.

(Minecraft is now being referred to as potentially, the future university for engineers, because, for instance, a good engineer gets something built right by the 3rd try, an average one, by the 10th try, those using Minecraft virtually, usually get it built right on the first try.)

Changing our ways, looking for and leaning into all the ways (public – concerning all the people) to learn/be/do, so that suffocating from the day is no longer an issue.


in jesus name we play


Ernő Rubik

rubik’s cube.. waiting to be answered…

falling in love with the questions…


jan five and aug two.. let go

let go of things


oct 23 []

1\ gentleness – beyond justice.. grace

2\ peace – we just want peace

3\ whatever is

whatever joy you see today was hard won this am – joni


april 2018 – grace

tim keller: get to underlying beauty of gospel before you reason it out..

show the beauty – so not a fear to believe or a rationalizing to believe.. but wanting to believe

john 1:14 – full of grace and truth

greatness of grace is not so much an explanation but an experience… ie: more deeply found in gospels though jesus never said the word.. story captures grace in a way that explanation can’t ie’s: prodigal son; leper; woman in john – cast first stone; demon possessed man – grace can rewrite story; thief on cross (maybe it’s not too late for me).. i love that none of thee people are given a name.. so maybe that could be me that is (given? can’t read my writing) this extravagant grace..

didn’t feel worthy to be around others

not: worthy is the lion.. worthy is the lamb

do you want to believe – is this grace something you hope is true

to write the love of god above would drain the ocean dry nor could the scroll contain the whole though stretched from sky to sky


some songs (lyrics on linked pages):

be still by canyon city

can you hear my heart from there – bellarive

behold our god by risen

the story i tell by micah tyler – you don’t even know my name []



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working on a nother way for you & yours .. et al

ginorm small love