rhizome {glossary}

rhizome glossary

Perhaps… getting at the root of the problem. … of all problems. Perhaps, getting better at life via our interconnectedness.

charodic by designhas no beginning or end; it is always in the middle, between things, interbeing, intermezzo.

The tree is filiation, but the rhizome is alliance, uniquely alliance. The tree imposes the verb ‘to be,’ but the fabric of the rhizome is conjunction, ‘and . . . and . . . and’ (pp.24-25)

Break the rhizome anywhere and the only effect is that new connections will be grown. The rhizome models the unlimited potential for knowledge construction, because it has no fixed points…and no particular organization (p. 389).

rhizomea tangle of tubers with no apparent beginning or end, constantly changes shape, and appears to be connected at every point with every other point (p. 389). 

                                    – Margie Driscoll (2004)

All life organizes into networks, not neat boxes or hierarchies. – Meg Wheatley


how large is a city street neighborhood that functions capably? if we look as successful street-neighborhood networks in real life, we find this is a meaningless question, because wherever they work best, street neighborhoods have no beginnings and ends setting them apart as distinct units.   – Jane Jacobs


from andreas weber‘s reality as commons:

Every commons is a rhizome – a material and informal network of living connections which constantly changes as it mutates and evolves.

rhizome ness

an undisturbed ecosystem..‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows


our little book’s essence is a rhizome.

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