one project

one project

Humanity can accomplish so much more.

One Project is a social venture to enable the global collaboration necessary to create a thriving and equitable world.

Despite many advances, our shared aspirations are not being achieved.. t

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity– Luma Mufleh

(democracy in decline) we have the ability to build systems that truly represent the will of the people..

ie: cure ios city

(eco destruction) we now know how to meet our needs in far less harmful ways.

rather.. we can legit discover/uncover what our basic needs are.. and get back/to enough ness (rather than slamming whatever into empty holes)

(crisis of connection) everyone on the planet can now share ideas and create mutual understanding.

rather.. we can now listen to every voice (undo our hierarchical listening).. and connect via 8b  daily curiosities.. rather than ‘mutual understanding’ (aka: voluntary compliance et al)

One Project is exploring how better system design can lead to more desirable futures

We hypothesize that dominant economic and governance paradigms are insufficient to address the world’s most pressing challenges, let alone create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. We are researching how to create practical, equitable systems that align and enable the flourishing of humanity with the rest of life.

Some of our current inquiries include: commoning

(rest of list: just transition; complexity science; anti-racism; social ecology; game theory; social network theory ; civic lotteries; metamodernism; participatory budgeting; process philosophy; alternative currencies)

perhaps if we focus on legit common\ing .. we’d find all the others are irrelevant and/or part of tragedy of the non common

ie: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake.. there’s a nother way

One Project is a values-driven organization undertaking this work with great care and humility. We are committed to integrating a diverse array of voices, perspectives, and decision-makers at every level of our process.

In 2019, One Project officially got off the ground, though we’ve been formulating our ideas for almost a decade. This talk from 2013 gives a view of our early thinking on the potential for worldwide collaboration toward what matters most.

links to 33 min talk by Justin – do great things – your roll in human project [] – notes on his page

founder: Justin Rosenstein – (center for humane tech et al)

team includes: Daniel Görtz – (hanzi & metamoderna)


intro’d to one project via michel fb share:

“One Project is exploring how better system design can lead to more desirable futures.


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Justin Rosenstein and friends, on ideas related to the human project for global thriving.