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Cain is awesome. Absolutely. No doubt.

But perhaps an even more intriguing part of his story, is Nirvan.

Most people doubt a Met or a 100% google approach – because they can’t imagine finding enough mentors.

Perhaps we’re wrong about that. Perhaps we just haven’t tried in a free enough spacein the city as the day. Or out of enough leaning in.. to our own hunger, our own whimsy. There are untapped experts everywhere. Perhaps we lean in vulnerability, for the sake of serendipitous – connections/gatherings that matter..

Perhaps, if we gave it a go.. with a little help from tech – to ground the chaos.. perhaps we’d experience a blown away-ness to scale across the globe.

Perhaps that’s what we’re all waiting for.


the movie of Caine‘s arcade via Nirvan.. led to imagination foundation..


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Martin Ruthaivilavan (@mmruthai) tweeted at 3:35 AM – 4 Apr 2017 :

2 Years After ‘Caine’s Arcade’ Went Viral | The Huffington Post #sisrocks What happened next… (

‘I can’t help imagine how bright the future would look if the creativity of every child was fostered’- @nirvan

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