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What a great story/kid/model. Thank you Caine. Thank you Nirvan.

Take a listen..

caine's site

cains arcade pic

Was very cool to watch it emerge after/during our experiences with Bret, et al.


the movie of Caine’s arcade via Nirvan.. led to imagination foundation..


this isn’t (doesn’t need to be ) rare.

imagine – facilitating authenticity…

finding all the geniuses inside.. waiting to be seen/heard/loved.


jack et al

and imagine if we called – facilitating curiosity – school – in the city – as the day?

7 billion such researchers/entrepreneurs/happy people.. no?


“I want to share something that Caine’s dad told me,” Mullick said to the business leaders. “Before this, Caine was considered slow. He was behind in reading; they were actually going to hold him back. After this, he’s considered gifted…. His grades have improved, he’s stopped stuttering and become a public speaker.

“Every child is gifted and we’re missing it.”


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Martin Ruthaivilavan (@mmruthai) tweeted at 3:35 AM – 4 Apr 2017 :

2 Years After ‘Caine’s Arcade’ Went Viral | The Huffington Post #sisrocks What happened next… (

‘I can’t help imagine how bright the future would look if the creativity of every child was fostered’- @nirvan

hlb (facil daily curiosity) for 7bn.. as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]

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