new cities foundation

new cities foundation

found them via a video Ericsson posted on facebook, in regard to the New Cities Summit.

intrigued no doubt.

Our Mission

The New Cities Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to making cities across the world more inclusive, dynamic and creative. We seek to incubate, promote and scale urban innovations through collaborative partnerships between government, business, academia and civil society.


executive director: Mathieu Lefevre

intro’d to Mathieu with this statement here:

Unless we figure out how to create more inclusive, dynamic and creative cities we’re gonna be in trouble..

also – Wim Elfrink & Greg Lindsay


opening panel summit 2014:

Re-Imagining Cities

41 min – intersection of democracy and big data

re\wire ness

43 min – every city could have a common dream – the city is the last refuge of solidarity. we have to have good answers… urban acupuncture

47 min – if you want to make a change you have to provide the scenario.. sometimes it’s difficult to change paradigms

– – – –

Greg Lindsay led panel:

Global Air Hubs

– – – –

Mathieu Lefevre led panel – withWim Elfrink:

Beyond the Smart City: Towards a New Paradigm

46 min q&a – empower individual w/tech

app ness



city ness


nov 2015 – talking to..

For Tim Papandreou, mobility must be seen anew, as a platform welcoming all transport providers – whether public or private – under a framework of key criteria and shared data. The City of Bristol’s mayor, George Ferguson, for example, described his measures to embrace the digital future by enabling an Internet of Things that will operate throughout the city to create a laboratory of innovation with open participation. Open data is essential for allowing varied actors to work together to ensure that citizens get the transport services they need. Equally important in data-sharing is the role of academic institutions, whose technical capabilities are needed to verify the integrity of the data.

what did mayors sentence mean? to him?
hard to do any of this w/o freeing people first.
and oh my to academic institutions as needed for validity.. of integrity of data..?
perhaps our focus is on wrong data..
and let’s stop that energy drain.

These cities were made for walking

Mobility forms part of the complex world of systems which make up a city. It is inextricably linked to our daily lives as a means by which we interact with each other. So we must think of the human scale, rather than the endless possibilities of technology. Ashwin Mahesh, Founder of Mapunity, encouraged us to think in shorter distances. Planners should consider the speed at which we need to move within the city to reach our destinations, run errands, or see friends within short trips of 3 to 6 kilometers. This means connecting neighborhoods and maintaining diversity within communities. Then, mobility becomes more than a techno-managerial issue: it transforms into a socio-political one.

so perhaps.. on human scale.. completely diff.
ie: do we even know what humans are like..?
i think not.
perhaps we know what… supposed to… humans are like..
again… huge span of diff.
we need to wake up.
most opportune time.. to leapfrog to a do over… and we re missing it.
For Riccardo Marini, Director of Gehl Architects, our solutions should have an innate simplicity which is based on an appreciation for how we function as human beings. Old cities were built for walking. But 1940’s urban development introduced pavements and a world built for car dominance, which is where the problems lie. We can learn from this, and all that this requires is a focus on innovations through the lens of a human model. After all, if our urban mobility decisions can influence the ultimate goal of the future of our health and well-being – what could be more important than this?
oh wow.
I wrote that last little bit before reading this final para.
oh my.
based on how we function as human beings.
agree.. on the importance of lens thru human model…
but I dont see anyone doing that.
all have some embedded/oppressive/compromising assumption on … human model.
juxtaposition of words of health/well-being and words perpetuated illness/depression/disease/not-us ness
nothing more important than… waking up..
ie: realizing what’s now irrelevant
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position read..every other bullet: help secure/find funding for…

new cities found… is this your desired position of future.. finding funding.. a life based on money as os..?