adam mackie

adam mackie bw

Jim introduced us to Adam, one of his students.

Adam has been an incredible resource and co-creator. After visiting several times when the lab was still at TVHS, Adam joined us in the be you house – and interned? ..did part of his student teaching? …in the lab.

Adam’s written many things for us, with his heart of passion for the written word.

Here he is talking literature and music with Lucas:

Asking himself – who he is..

Crafting the detox booth in the be you house:

Talking to Caleb about fishing..

Talking with Liz and Jodhbir about robotics.. her dog…

Jodhbir and Adam coming up with a detox booth idea..

Sharing with Jim.. at csu

Jodhbir and Adam’s crazy connection

Meeting with Satori:

Hope to add some of Adam’s writing here soon.


being purged

“Laid-off Teacher: anything helps!

a nother way

for all of us