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intro’d to Moran via Kevin‘s post on fb:

Guest lecture by Moran Cerf today was one of the most amazing talks I’ve ever heard. Squarely in between several disciplines and concerns, fascinating work that ties together projects I had heard about for years never knowing it was one man behind them. Too hard to summarize but here’s how it was billed: “[Today at noon] Talk with Moran Cerf, Neuroscientist and Bank Robber about topics ranging from the Science of Engagement to Projecting Dreams, and more…” and that’s a really good description. Amazing.

can’t find the talk – hopefully will be available ..

after watching the below… seems like the paragraph Kevin wrote above… cool.


Courage in a Connected World – Zeitgeist Europe 2013

ha. this one starts… i’m a neruoscientist….

collected passwords for 3 yrs – underground id for army – was helpful

7 days in prison – for first time hacker in israel – got out – offered tons of jobs – as hacker

highered by banks as lawful hackers

8 min – partner wanted to do a physical bank robbery – (which was legal for us to do – they wanted us to test security) – she asked while i was reading feynman – about saying yes to things and taking on adventures.. so i said sure.


15 min – bigger than my job – things that i don’t say yes to normally – asimov – the bishop is the most important piece on the chess board in the eyes of the bishop…

this is when i decided to change my career – i’m a bank robber to – i’m a neuroscientist


The Moth: When in Rome

oct 2014

ha. this one starts… i’m a neruoscientist….

nature is where you publish your work if you think it’s going to change the world

6 min – story gets bigger and bigger – of a dream recording machine

via (video):

The brain is what makes us function, yet we understand so little about how it works. We are learning more about the brain by using new technology to monitor epilepsy patients during surgery. Moran Cerf explains the process doctors use to explore the brain further.


wired 2013 (video):

the science i’m concerned about – is finding a similarity in many brains… in finding the odd man out – so we can learn something..

9 min – computer figuring out what person is seeing – just by looking at brain activity

10 min – brain cells speaking about what it cares about – some people with disorders want us to put electrodes inside – can then see singular thoughts

became active every time she saw the simpsons – then when she talks about it – her brain fires before she says simpsons – memory in action – but what’s marvelous about it – it’s not synchronious – something in brain that happens far before

16 min – my biggest mistake – i made a prediction – of recording dreams.. then i made a vow do never make predictions about the future

17 min – group in japan – same idea – early in the am – computer guessing what person is dreaming – this is almost my guess from 3 yrs ago coming to life

19 min – coolest experiment ever – play the brain against the computer… they figure out what we’re doing – so they try to fight their own brain…

we think of ourselves as the center – but maybe the brain is the puppeteer..

1610 – maybe earth is not the center – very sad moment – galileo – but the reality is that this made us discover the vast wonders of the world.. maybe same thing is that the brain is the center and we are the bystander/puppet..

at the same time accepting it and knowing it is marvelous..


find/follow Moran:

link twitter!pi/ch6q

Moran Cerf is an assistant professor for neuroscience and business at the Kellogg School of Management and the neuroscience program at Northwestern university. Additionally, he holds a position at the department of neurosurgery, where he studies patients undergoing brain-surgery to examine behavior, emotion and decision making. This is done by directly recording the activity of individual nerve cells, using electrodes implanted in the patient’s brain for clinical purposes. Dr. Cerf is a visiting faculty at NYU, and also a member of the institute on complex systems.


makes me think of Jake and Michael and Jose and Elizabeth and Jacob.. and …  and this:

to min and max david graeber

and how we’re missing it.. because we’re too busy.. with supposed to‘s. and shiny‘s. et al.

a nother wayhosting life bits..w/ self talk as data


ted 2016 – this scientist can hack your dreams

4 min – i wanted to use same .. as hackers use.. to study the brain..

7 min – fires seconds before she speaks… brain plans the next word

17 min – saying something is impossible before you know it .. is a mistake. science not just about correcting facts… also about enabling hunches/promises/dreams..


most important choice in life.. who you’re with