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intro’d to Jose and this incredible story here:

trees – lit up at night – if christmas can come to the jungle you can come home. demobilize.

331 guerrillas demobilized.

guerrillas are as much prisoners as those they hold hostage

we got charged to start a conversation.. we decided rather than us talking to them… we should get them to talk to each other.

recorded and radioed stories

then needed commander talking to commanders

one person shared – that fighting went down during christmas – so talk to the human being and not the soldier

being generous makes me/my men stronger

they said – christmas trees are great – but we don’t walk any more – we use rivers.. rivers are the highways of the jungle

so collected messages from river villages .. collected over 6000 messages… notes, candy, jewelry – sent in floating balls… generated a mobilization every 6 hrs

when the peace process started – the whole mindset changed… if there’s a peace process – this is probably going to get over and at some point i’ll get out.. so fears from – will i get killed to – am i going to be rejected – when i get out..

so – we found 27 mothers of guerrillas –  messages… with pic as a child – before you were a guerrilla you were my child – so come home i’m waiting for you

then decided to work with society..

messages around the world cup – i’m saving this seat for you..

in 8 yrs – 17000 guerrillas have mobilized

if that is true (if we have influenced any of that) – advertising is still one of the most powerful tools of change that we have available..


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