michel on cycles

[ha.. video title says on guilt.. michel’s tweet says on commons transition.. i’d say .. more on cycles .. as in same song cycles that we need to say good bye to.. ie: after i finished this page.. read article by arundhati roy [https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1srqdkn – don’t click on link.. has a ton of ads.. oi] – last line says:

‘while we’re busy talking, the Earth is busy dying.’ Arundhati Roy


70 min video – aug 2021 – Generational Cycles of Guilt: Robert Conan Ryan and Michel Bauwens

listening to right after manipulation video because of michel fb share.. where i think he (michel) was asking.. are people evil..? i don’t know i can’t find it now.. but disagreed a ton w the manip expert guy

this video – which can’t embed – found on twitter:

a impromptu conversation with a friend (Robert Conan Ryan) about the current conjuncture, where are we at, politically, in the context of the transition towards a commons-based society ?


OriginalTweet: https://twitter.com/mbauwens/status/1435602026700935173


5 min – cancel culture so mean spirited..

7 min – for me.. how you treat elders is a sign post of civ.. i don’t see condemning for being old as a sign of progress

jensen civilization law and the red flag of progress ness

8 min – 68 (i was 10) was a defeat.. we didn’t get anything

10 min – 80s.. had young people more conservative to srs..

11 min – it’s never a generation.. to frame politics as a gen war is not very interesting

18 min – on cleaning up crime in london..

20 min – on polyani and polarities.. still on generation relocalization.. ‘never been any country that developed w/o protection’.. state infra et al

oi.. 1\ state infra for protection 2\ that we’ve had anything successful to date.. oi

23 min – my answer.. there are ways to industrialize that are not 100% protection and 100% neolib.. you could have ie: ecological taxes

oi.. let go man

r: i think econ fixes are easier than the cultural.. that if we could agree on a path.. open or protectionist.. then we could come up with the tools..

we need a new park

the only tool we need is a means to undo our hierarchical listening

28 min – r: on china and official national history.. once you have that.. that means somebody gets to write the history and plan the future.. however.. just because they changed history.. because the party apparatus continues to go by the history

29 min – that controlled system that created the chinese empires..

? not sure what they are talking about.. what they’re trying to get out.. not hearing anything about guilt?.. they are talking about money/resources.. but that all has nothing to do w common\ing

30 min – r: if you’re woke.. you’re trying to create a new internationalist history.. so basically need to rescue history and create a new enlightened internationalist w/o materialist features .. a culturalist history

31 min – i think socialism was created for world conscious.. they became the religion of an empire.. want to control whole world.. i see wokism in a completely diff way.. it’s a false fragmentation..

35 min – in order to restore equity.. outcome has to be same.. so reallocation.. whatever you get is right %.. that was his proposal.. this can work in an institution which is already rich.. but in p2p community.. i can’t just give you anything.. you have to be a contributor to the system.. you have to be a constructor

i think we have no idea.. what legit free people are like.. i don’t think contribution ness.. any form of m\a\p would be a part

skimming a lot – every place i stop .. one of them is naming a president.. or money/govt.. et al

51 min – r: on size of check for ubi

flap flap flap

65: r: same human behavior slightly diff tech.. i think we did a really good coverage on cultural/political revolution..

68: the time you need for everyone getting it has shrunk.. the collective learning has gone on steroids

we have no idea.. ie: imagine if we.. tried a legit nother way

70 min – r: punchline was meant to be.. we do see change.. paradigm shifts.. but not this mass enlightenment.. or going some place we’ve never gone before

let’s keep that for the next session .. because when have whole system institutions that don’t work.. they collapse.. next time let’s talk about..

r: we shouldn’t overstress enlightenment.. humans are becoming more dependent on accum knowledge and techs..

there are a lot of things we need to change.. but a lot of things we need to preserve.. *you need at least functional equiv.. new institution needs to do something the old one did.. can’t just invent new institutions..


*need something legit diff.. a legit re\set is more sane/humane than this same song we keep playing/singing