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do you know what drives me crazy about words..

yeah.. entities(singular person place thing)/barcodes as well though.. no? thinking about *Virginia Woolf et al.. on words and no words and beyond words ness and idio jargon ness..

*They hate being useful; they hate making money; they hate being lectured about in public. In short, they hate anything that stamps them with one meaning or confines them to one attitude, for it is their nature to change.

same to with an entity.. no..?

but most of all.. if most of us are not us.. does what does our search/data/et-al matter

perhaps we focus on free\ing artists first [aka: all of us] .. embrace uncertainty/chaos/antifragility

a switchboard for content on the web.. new things get magically connected

perhaps let’s try hlb that io dance


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Metaweb Technologies, Inc. was a San Francisco-based company that developed Freebase, described as an “open, shared database of the world’s knowledge”. The company was founded by Robert Cook and Danny Hillis in 2005.

Metaweb was acquired by Google in 2010. Google shut down Freebase in 2016, transferring all its data to *Wikidata.

*Wikidata is a collaboratively edited knowledge base operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. It is intended to provide a common source of data which can be used by Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia, and by anyone else, under a public domain licence. This is similar to the way Wikimedia Commons provides storage for media files and access to those files for all Wikimedia projects, and which are also freely available for reuse. Wikidata is powered by the software Wikibase

David Weinbergertoo big to know and everything misc ness

Benjamin Bratton – and deep addressability et al

idio jargon ness to free us to life (and/or web ness) as a trail rather than a search..

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let go