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The LABoratory for the GOVernance of Commons (“LabGov“) is a place of experimentation in all respects. However, instead of alembics and tubes you can find students, scholars, experts, activists thinking and discussing about the future shapes that social, economic and legal institutions may take.


LabGov’s activities are coordinated by professor Christian Iaione.

from their people page..

advisors include: David Bollier; Neal Gorenflo; Michel Bauwens

strategists include: Salvatore Iaconesi


adding page this day (p2pfoundation post on common grounds for the city):

same day.. adding Christian Iaione


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LabGov is the first LABoratory for the GOVernance of Commons.


a nother way

1 yr to try commons et al



thought this was labgov too.. but i guess not..?

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This project in the city of Ghent, where Michel Bauwens and the P2P Foundation will undertake a ‘commons research’ project next spring, is based on the cooperation of design students, experts, and citizen participation: This cal was originally published here. Photo by blavandmaster