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Ethan asking – how to make drones with ethical qualities… asks about open.. (otherwise we’re saying… keep it private or else chinese will have more ethical drones than us)

what do you mean by ethics….

interesting that the topic of ethics isn’t taken further than how we feel about each other.. Kate said – hadn’t much thought about the definition beyond that (which is a great simple definition that i love.. in a good world) but as is now- we force beliefs… esp with ed system… so for that definition we need authenticity .. no?

surveillance, intellectual ownership, liability

adapting behavior for patients – sound like personal fabrication

sherry turkle’s research – children do distinguish between stuffed animals and robots – perhaps movement

lacking of empathy goes many levels..

it’s not about the thing.. it’s about the behavior

from me – i don’t get why there is so much talk about policy.. is that not the problem..

toward end Kate says – depends on what you are trying to serve with a justice system..



august post/talk on robot ethics:

kate on robot ethics

re:publica 2013 – Robot Ethics

Published on May 9, 2013

ethics… happening now and in the next 10 yrs: safety, privacy, social issues

anthropomorphisation – our tendency to project life-like qualities onto robotic objects


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Managing Disruption (@DisruptionConf) tweeted at 9:09 AM – 7 Apr 2017 :

Think humans treat robots just like any other device? Think again. @grok_ explains how humans interact with robots. #MTD17 https://t.co/y6tPvO7A42 (http://twitter.com/DisruptionConf/status/850364997901406208?s=17)

30 sec video – that people react diff than other devices..  something you can harness