ethics defn

from Steven Garber‘s the fabric of faithfulness..

on moral:

p. 149: macintyre in after virtue offers a brief etymology of the word moral: in latin, as in ancient greek, there is no word until our word moral is translated back into latin. certainly moral is the etymological descendant of moralis. but moralis, like its greek predecessor ethikos – cicero invented – moralis – to translate the greek word i the de fato – means – pertaining to character – where a man’s character is nothing other than his set dispositions to behave systematically in one way rather than another to lead on e particular kind of life.

and on character:

p. 110: stanley hauerwas: to speak of a man – having character – is not to attribute to him any specific traits; rather the point is that, whatever activity he takes part in or trait he exhibits, there will be some sort of control and consistency in the manner in which he exhibits them.


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ethics.. he claims.. is hospitality..