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A Film About The Classical *Avant Garde

*new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them.

Published on Feb 2, 2013

Philip Glass, Frank Zappa, John Cage, Steve Reich and others

the way i’d put it.. the river is in delta.. many possibilities.. we may have even left river and gone into ocean….  – john cage

we’ve always wanted to be the place for weirdos

5 min – idea.. instead of sorting things out by ideology or zipcode.. we sorted by which composers wanted to do something fresh.. in relation to which they have inherited

7 min – on having (manufacturing consent ness) in your head… so don’t lie and tell me .. you’re like vienna 1912.. you’re not.. we have good evidence of what it was like in vienna in 1912 – Steve Reich

11 min – the spirit of experimentation and inclusion..

14 min – hoping for thousands of valid areas

1\ the interpenetration of cultures that were formerly separate is one of the most determining aspects of life at the present time.. another.. 2\ that determines our actions is the changes in tech.. 3\ great changes in numbers of people.. all changes so great.. and our govt/nations are so little adjusted to them.. they’re adjusted to a previous way of living……. – j cage

17 min – each player individual.. but in group – way of thinking that has come more w/ 10th cent – elliott..

18 min – i’m not interested in my work being a communication from me to listener.. i want it to be from sound itself to listener.. so that i’m not so much the composer.. but the listener too – j cage

19 min – what music is.. what sound is.. sound is music..  traced back to j cage… the most fundamental revolution in america

21 min – i thought.. you’re exactly right.. we have no sense of history.. and that’s our strength..

being open to new things

24 min – something that existed no place… it was a very un american solution to an american problem

30 min – on finding one little thing (in classical music) that is overlooked.. and blowing it up..imagining that’s it..

what if that interesting weird rhythm is just the whole world..

a nother way

33 min – this idea that creative pop music and experimental classical music were somehow very close together..

brian eno

34 min – each act is virgin – even the repeated act – j cage

i think brian appreciated the world we brought to his music..

36 min – everything about human performance is about imperfection.. changes.. hearing the breath..

37 min – zappa – hearing him.. first time i’d heard .. where it was required that musicians knew how to play

39 min – mind blowingly weird.. but his first requirement.. my musicians have to know how to play

progress is not possible w/o deviation.. and i think important that people be aware of some of the creative ways in which their fellow men are deviating from the norm.. they may find these deviations inspiring.. which might cause progress….- frank zappa

41 min – how to make sense of the (combining of sounds).. those are the questions.. and we answer them more or less successfully

42 min – bang on a can ensemble..

45 min – ? with paul simon.. and maya w prince.. the combos

45 min – the people i appreciate are in the walls in between the rooms (rooms of diff kinds of music).. in strange places… ie: brian eno in 3 diff rooms

47 min – can’t predict which seeds.. are going to turn into forests.. and which will live for a little while and die.. – i think you can conceal things in w/in work.. one way is by making society.. the medium in which it grows.. create pieces of work upon which people will keep conferring new meanings.. you don’t have to put them into the work.. you make the work invite this conferral process – b eno

a nother way


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