Prior to shooting he didn’t complete scripting for the film and the script got ready after the shooting of the scenes because the dialogues were decided on the spot. Over the improvisations in script, he stated, “For instance, when we were on the top of snow mountains in Himachal Pradesh, I wanted to be open to what nature suggested and the impulses the actors gave me, rather than stick to what I had written, sitting in a room in Mumbai. The film was made on the way, on the go. I had to have very suitable, good actors and a low maintenance crew.” For Highway, Randeep Hooda prepared for his role with such sincerity that in order to keep the initial distance with Alia Bhatt’s character, he didn’t speak to her for about 25 days

actually.. reading wikipedia page (after watching) made me like it less (or at least not like the wikipedia page).. ie: a coming of age movie.. et al.. watching seemed so much deeper than that.. in fact.. seemed to me to be calling into question the whole ‘coming of age’ ness..et al.. but i had read somewhere (before watching) how they did the script on the fly.. so i was looking for that reference..


resonating on so many levels.. may add more detailed notes/quotes later.. but for now..

in middle when she says she doesn’t want to go back.. or to wherever they’re headed.. but she wants the journey to not end..

toward the end when she goes out on a rock in the river.. and just cries at the beauty et al



44 min – she keeps saying sorry.. and he says.. are we here to show off our good manners.. how them off in your father’s house.. she takes it in

58 min – (right after she told him her story and they hugged) i don’t want to go back .. to the place you’ve taken me from.. wherever you’re taking me, i don’t want to be there either.. but this journey.. is very good .. i never want this journey to end

1:11 – i’m not scared anymore

huge.. i guess one thing that has really stuck with me is her not being afraid anymore.. that’s a huge life change.. longden oppress law et al

1:29 – there is no plan.. all i want is a little more.. a little longer with you.. i’ve never felt like this before.. the way i feel with you.. i can do anything.. anything i feel like.. and you’ll take care of it.. i don’t even have to think.. i’ve never felt like this

that’s what we need to get back/to.. 1 yr to be 5 ness.. where the focus isn’t thinking.. intellect ness.. planning.. agendas.. we need to let go that much if we want to see what legit free people are like

and has to be all of us in sync.. or none of us will be legit free

david on care and freedom

the scenery and music.. oh my

1:35 – tell me something one shot and a man if finished right? two.. the one who gets shot and the one who shoots.. it’s a bad thing.. then why keep it

again.. thurman interconnectedness lawwhen you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying 

1:38 – she can’t get over the beauty/river.. starts laughing/crying.. like.. what?.. really?..

guts me every time

1:42 – then when he cries.. too good to be true.. tries going back in twice.. breaks down.. this can never be mine.. i’ve come so far away.. i was once my mother’s adored son..

we’re all both of them.. no?

1:46 – then when she gets on top of him and he sighs..

i remember doing that w my kids on my chest.. sleeping

i hate the rest of it .. to her saying.. i’m not ok with it.. maybe that’s why we’ve not yet let go enough to see.. the fear of that re entering sea world.. keeps it alive

1:52: mom – be nice, be pleasant, like everything is normal

uncle first to say: so how are you feeling now

1:55 – but now i’m gone.. i can’t come back

yeah that

i was kidnapped.. but there i was free.. and here i am in prison

1:57 (after confronting uncle) – yeah it happens.. these things happen all the time.. and you know what.. i’m not ok with it.. this world.. where these things happen.. where you can’t tell a lie form the truth.. everything is mixed up.. there is so much confusion

dad: ok.. let’s be sensible

no.. i will not be sensible .. i am stupid.. i will remain stupid.. sensible?.. veera.. be careful when you go out.. strangers are bad.. a girl should always be careful.. why didn’t you ever say that i should be careful inside the house too.. that i should protect myself from all of you.. i was completely exposed here.. inside my own home.. so i don’t want to be sensible.. i am foolish.. i am bad.. but i am not one of you.. i am never coming back

2:00 – asks driver to stop.. mahabir

song: i make a wish and you appear before me.. play with me.. distances vanish.. you are with me day and night.. the shadows tell me.. oh my companion .. we are one



magis esse quam videri

thurman interconnectedness lawwhen you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying