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What a great example – of picking yourself first.

Helen picked herself.

Now TED’s picking her.

helen walters at ted

bravo. and grazie.


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Helen at bif 5 2009:

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via helen rt on yemen

Orla Guerin (@OrlaGuerin) tweeted at 3:53 PM – 17 Jul 2018 :
Hi Catherine – Yemen is the worlds worst humanitarian crisis, and on a scale like nothing else I have ever seen. The Un says 8 million are threatened with starvation. Without a political solution by the end of the year, UN officials warn that could rise to 18 million. https://t.co/EIjAke4zbX (http://twitter.com/OrlaGuerin/status/1019339288125870081?s=17)

Orla Guerin (@OrlaGuerin) tweeted at 3:51 PM – 17 Jul 2018 :
I think there is international appetite for a solution but no real mechanism being used to get it. Yemen is part of a complicated regional power struggle pitting the Sunni Muslim regional giant against its rival, Shia Iran. This complicates attempts at a solution https://t.co/M56HnIjsv4 (http://twitter.com/OrlaGuerin/status/1019338880691195905?s=17)

global systemic problem.. which today we can address.. let’s let go enough to go there.. deep enough..

as it could be..

2 convos.. as infra

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