expert in the room

assumed expert with graphic

Something about the assumed expert in the room, stifles us.

Where some of this thinking showed up for us…

And more thinking about structure always in existence, just depends on who owns/creates it.

No doubt, if we care about people, we want the best for them. Often in our ignorance, we assume we have to manage that. Let’s make that ignorance useful, by being usefully preoccupied as well.

Useful ignorance comes when you’re swimming in life, in the vulnerability of context. Knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do, because you’re jumping in/into the unknown. So perhaps they are one in the same… usefully ignorant/preoccupied.

Either way… swim in that.


kool beans alert:

if this stands true, perhaps one of the coolest things for everyone (but perhaps especially for teachers) is that it means – no more prep, no more training, no more grading things, no more classroom management. imagine all the time/energy you’ll be spending instead – on the thing you can’t not do.

and no worries, if you love the prep/training/grading, that won’t go away, for you, it just won’t be mandatory, for everyone. if prep is the thing you can’t not do. prep away. train away.


and of huge note: nothing wrong with an expert in a room/space/mind, as falling under that expertise and into that space was from allure rather than compulsion.

but too.. ie: beyond the monastic self ness.. and.. i’m never just me ness


more from Krishnamurti, and from a uni’s mentor ecosystem


dave snowden – on experts.. expertise.. and power:


from Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms new power:


brian cox: ‘being an expert does not mean that you are someone w a vested interest in something; it means you spend your life studying something. you’re not necessarily right – but you’re more likely to be right than someone who’s not spent their life studying it’

expert.. study..