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Kelly and Udi  — at Ranakpur Jain Temple, near Udaipur, India.

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Enlivened Learning site visits
On this map we have indicated the inspiring places (mainly related to Higher Education) that we visited between September 2012 – October 2013. We will continue to update this list. You can discover the names and websites of each places for further information. [click image below to go to live map]:

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june 2015:

Incredible new documentary on the story of Red Crow College in Alberta, Canada and its quest to decolonize education

Re-learning the Land: A Story of Red Crow College

we can’t be destroying what sustains us

15 min – beaver bundle (embodiment of treaty between humans and animals) as encyclopedia

21 min – superiority complex comes at a price – the price of life itself.. the model of taking more than you need (when we have all we need)

25 min – taking away that which made us really strong – the family – via residential schools. they were invoking the bible or legislation on us – to rationalize assimilating us. some people wonder why there is such a high death/suicide rate… they don’t know us.. this is why we had to take over the operations of our ed system

28 min – we had our own beds.. clean… food.. et al .. and i hated it… i missed my one room house/family

31 min – the site is about looking at things from our perspective… we wanted to file it.. from a perspective that’s ours

33 min – we have ed systems to teach people a better way of living..

we forgot that our language is a messenger..

37 min – on comparing uni to a forte – thinking you know everything.. afraid to go outside the walls..

42 min – homes are places to sleep – otherwise – we don’t belong in places with walls…

43 min – this is what you’re saying – this is myth and legend -our life. but you have myth and legend (in uni) that you still can’t decide on. i’ve been schooled on both sides… and i can tell you – all that’s on your side i can see on our side.. and you just can’t see it. and as far as bending.. we’ve been bending the last 200 yrs..

46 min – on lethridge – taking students out onto the land to learn about different ways of learning… to learn at/from those places and from each other at those places… places are animate beings with knowledge and histories and we have to engage as per the place. ie: at uni – we learn from reading/lecture; on land – learn from land

48 min – freire – how do we move beyond narration sickness…

49 min – everybody’s prepped in a way from years of going to school and being in public spaces.. to having that work done for them..

blackfoot perspective – if you need to know something.. ask

52 min – land as literacy – as a way of knowing…

if this is your land, where are your stories.. that’s how we mark the land.. through stories..

59 min – society is looking for answer to a lot of things.. and have forgotten what they knew before.. in our culture.. the more you know the more humble you get

it’s not about subjects, math, .. it’s about how you live

1:00 – indigenize yourself..

1:01 – so obsessed are we with out way – that we miss other’s way on journey of knowing and being

1:02 – you’re a person first… your career should not be your identity

1:03 – we are all related.. and should take care of each other.. not look down on one another…

becoming a human to its fullest

1:05 – seeing our ways as lesser (as settlers saw us) – they tend to refer to our ways in the context of a higher ed center as the cultural component..

our strength is in who we are

within in what we’ve always had


Very excited to release the link to our new film ‘Re-learning Hope:  A Story of Unitierra’ https://t.co/yUBnvU8GE6

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/EnlivenedLearn/status/748906018105503746

also shared by Manish on fb message

New Film from the Ecoversities Network and Enlivened Learning
‘Re-learning Hope: A Story of Unitierra’

New documentary shows how an innovative university in the heart of Oaxaca, Mexico, is nurturing the strength and imagination of people choosing to live their lives autonomously, especially within a context of violence and adversity.
Re-learning Hope: A Story of Unitierra. (2016) 69min
RE-LEARNING HOPE is the story of Unitierra, an autonomous university in Oaxaca, Mexico that is immersed in, and has emerged from, the social and indigenous movements of the region. The film tells the story of this emergence of Unitierra and its powerful critique of traditional education and development. The film is a hopeful example of how communities are taking control of their own learning and shaping an ecological path for their communities amidst a context of violence.
The film, made by directors Udi Mandel and Kelly Teamey and in collaboration with participants in Unitierra, raises a host of important questions related to the purpose of education and what it takes to create a deep ecological consciousness and connection with our communities. As participants in Unitierra learn together and with local communities they re-weave the social fabric and ways of living that are more autonomous and in balance with their local ecologies.
‘Re-Learning Hope’ also explores how we can learn autonomy and community living from indigenous peoples. The 500-year struggles of indigenous peoples’ in Oaxaca and Chiapas against the imposition of other ways of life are inspirations Unitierra has taken to heart. Amidst the multiple crises we are all experiencing, in our economies, political institutions and communities, Unitierra is promoting ways of living and learning together that is inspiring, showing us that another world is indeed possible.

5 min – unitierragustavo – new society being born.. trying to do experiments that can produce this new society

12 min – always postponing your future… like you’re always going forward to a future that’s not real

16 min – ed in mexico has been to .. de indian ize the indians

19 min – we can’t wait for govt.. we need to do something.. together..

25 min – Ivan Illich – friendship a key ingredient for the re weaving..

27 min – ivan: any person.. if he were to lose that sense of inferiority produced by school.. mental schooling..and say.. i’m going to get some friends together.. to discuss this and that.. and i’m opening a little cafe to do it…. is doing just what we do .. and that is actually happening now.. not in the capital cities.. of latin america..  but in many places..in small villages…….. but anyway.. i realized that my mistake with many others have made..was believing that through reform..of the schools.. we can change institutional productivity and distribution.. only much later did i realize that as long as school stays school.. it will have an un wanted by product that is much worse than its product.. under the best conditions.. that is.. children learning something.. because what can you say..

at school..the first thing a child learns is that learning is the result of an official process- of an official institutional process

he learns that year after year.. we become personally more valuable because we continue to accumulate new layers of a spiritual product.. an immaterial product..

we learn that what is worth learning.. what will be useful later.. or perhaps what will be useful for society later.. is what we get from a professional..  

we learn that teaching, if not done by a professional instructor..is in some way less valuable..- ivan

29 min – ed born with capitalism for same purpose.. in that context of creation of capital – … no matter how much is invested in ed of society.. most will be disqualified and won’t be able to reach the end of schooling – .. ed does achieve something specific – children learn to consume the commodities given by the school.. they learn that their success will depend on how much they’ve consumed..and

they learn that to learn about the world..is more important/valuable than to learn from the world.. 

31 min – we learn how to do difficult things – as babies.. w/o teaching – … we love to share what we know if the person asks for it.. – gustavo

38 min – basically development.. implies the imposition to all the people on earth of one definition of their own life… ie: the american way of life  – gustavo

40 min – we can not have the american way of life – econ.. not every person will collect diploma.. every person/culture has own defn of good life.. hospitality – to be open to other notions.. a world in which many worlds can be embraced.. not one world with one definition..- gustavo

42 min – zapatista ness – trying to put into practice the will of its people – w ivan

48 min – on commons ness.. we don’t hear much about success in reclaiming commons and creating new commons.. basically w friendship…  friends .. friends.. to create basic nucleus – gustavo

49 min – more on commons – w/o money or market.. new society from ground up.. other ways of living together…

52 min – we don’t see nature as merchandise

53 min – we don’t believe in democracy.. we believe in communal-cracy – societies to regulate themselves.. opportunity to be what it wants to be… to the extent that we achieve that we will attain a new world

54 min – some people say we are match makers.. ready to support process.. but learning in your hands..

app chip ness –a mechanism simple enough

1:01 – reclaiming control of our own lives – gustavo