universidad de la tierra

universidad de la tierra

founded by Gustavo Esteva..? – find more insight on his page

We understand learning as an aspect of everyday life and study as an autonomous exercise of free people. The research we do, both theoretical and abstract as those applied to any aspect of our reality, are for us s reflection exercises in action. 

A central theme that unites us and is committed convivial lifestyle. Junt @ s learn its meaning in the everyday. In affirming him the dignity of each one @ of we and our relationships with the otr @ s nature, defy all existing systems.

The political nature of conviviality involves us in various areas of our natural and social reality, both immediately Unitierra as that of a common space and each one of those who constitute @-as various individuals, groups and organizations the city, state and country where we are seated, as well as from other countries and cultures with whom we have contact and interaction.

No formal hierarchies Unitierra. For the organization and administration of our activities, we have created a coordinating council formed by those in charge of the various areas of our activity, which in turn is coordinated on a rotating basis by one of his Miembr @ s. The membership of the Board is defined by the responsibilities and obligations assumed with some @ Unitierra of those who are to coordinate an activity area.