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Our first introduction to Dean..

A first encounter with the web was like three-four years ago 2009ish. It was a fireside chat (podcast) with Howard Rheingold, Dean Shareski, and Alec Couros.
It was there I started thinking about the importance of considering.. who’s together in a room/space per choice.
ever since, (or maybe before without my being able to verbalize it) I’ve been craving convos like that.

Being a part of and listening to.. people.. think out loud.

the art of conversation.
the art of the web connections.


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what about forgiveness
a great opportunity to demonstrate what it means to be a kind and caring societygreat end of day.. after following a bit with @willrich45 ‘s tweet:
I agree that teachers especially need to be measured in what they say in online spaces. You? #echat@mylatinteacher i just think we’d be better off if we quit talking in school vs out of school. try to be good people – wherever we are.Dean hits it even better..
This is,as well, a good argument for eliminating high levels of filtering in schools. It’s our job as teachers to help students learn to live in this world. The ubiquitous nature of information is here to stay and not allowing teachers to deal with this reality is bordering on educational malpractice. We also need to educate parents about this reality. Good teachers handle students finding inappropriate material by turning it into teachable moments. They don’t go into a panic,they don’t call the police,they don’t send the student off to the Principal’s office. They recognize that this happens. Even when it’s intentional,a good teacher deals with the situation with a degree of mercy and I dare say forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes. Let’s learn and move on and help one another do better.thanks to @gcouros for @shareski ‘s post_________

2016 – When Beauty Leads to Empathy | Dean and Martha Shareski | TEDxWestVancouverED



Arthur Chiaravalli (@hhschiaravalli) tweeted at 3:31 PM – 7 Oct 2017 :

Magisterial. @doxtdatorb turns book review into a overview of everything dangerous about ’21st century ed’ rhetoric (

The alternative lies not in making schools different, but making the world ‘different’, sustainable, and just.

ie: sans competitionmoney, earning a living..  training..

rather.. facil us all toward/back-to.. antifragility

ie: ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way