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9:52 – schools are imprisoning our brains..

breathing – as brain hygiene practice

as he works with Goldie Hawn on mindUP.



Dan is mentioned in Gabor Maté‘s when body says no.. scattered ..and realm of hungry ghosts.. and myth of normal.. power of connection & myth of normal.. et al


imagine mindUP on **steroids.. no?

**not within a classroom, under the arm of testing, et al… in the cityas the day.


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Lainie shared this on fb sept 2015:

I am such an incredible fan of this man’s work:
Enjoy this 24-minute video by TEDx where Dr. Siegel explores the importance of changing the minds of our youth to help shape the future of our culture.

(Thank you Ninanestoleifjoshualucio Downer for buying for me the book “Mindsight” the book written about the teen experience and the teen mind. My current favorite book of all times. )

TEDxBlue – 10/18/09

2 min – mind sight … basically never happens in schools… an awakening to the fact that we’re all interconnected…

an optical delusion of our separate ness – einstein

3 min – worked at suicide prevention center … then harvard med school

4 min – dr’s stick to the physical – via prof in med school

5 min – then to salmon fisherman – then met a fisherman that was dropping that to become a psychologist..

then choreography

my question: how could you have really smart/concerned profs that are blind to the mind

6 min – on people being nice w dogs.. then going back to concentration camps..

if you don’t have reflective capacity to stay present (when w/someone not like you) hard to have compassion when with people not like you… mind actually shuts off

7 min – founded interpersonal neurobiology… the brain is a social organ of the body…

reflection is an opportunity to realize that relationships are our life’s blood..

self-talk as data ness

8 min – way school now is imprisoning the brain.. putting it in a cage.. we have to free the brain…

way we education kids now is damaging the brain…

9 min – everything relational disappears after kindergarten – if we train our teachers well..

? – not deep enough.. no?

neural integration is the heart of health.. not just with us but with the whole planet

13 min – on deep practice growing myelin

deep practice

relationship, resilience, reflection

please find a way to make world kinder

20 min – just notice…


22 min – neocortex ness

i’m not suggesting no structure.. it’s not just: anything goes..

well yes – everything has structure.. but maybe not trusting.. an anything goes structure..  is why we haven’t yet gotten to a kinder world.. no?

let goa nother way – vision versions


Lainie shared this on fb oct 2017 – 3 min video

when child says no..


Dan is mentioned in Gabor Maté‘s when body says no.. scattered ..and realm of hungry ghosts.. and myth of normal





[note: different dan siegel than jessie yancey‘s dad]