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the author – why i bought a house

Alex Alsup

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Make Loveland

revival of detroit

skiing in detroitiwan baan ness

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Jeff Sturges

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Toni Griffin – detroit future city

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James and Grace Lee Boggs school

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detroit man starts better bus company:

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series on detroit via recode:

feb 2015 – mapping detroit

an updatable sort of wikipedia for property conditions, ownership and vacancy in the city…

how do you make the spreadsheet – human..?



dec 2015

pharrell project:


Jess Mitchell (@jesshmitchell) tweeted at 2:46 PM – 27 Nov 2017 :

40 percent of Detroit residents don’t have any access to internet at all. Unreal, and yet, very very real:

Ignored By Big Telecom, Detroit’s Marginalized Communities Are Building Their Own Internet

The issue isn’t only cost, though it is prohibitive for many Detroiters, but also infrastructure. ..The city is filled with dark fiber optic cable that’s not connected to any homes or businesses—relics from more optimistic days.

same article diff tweet/caption

Michel Bauwens (@mbauwens) tweeted at 1:06 PM – 27 Nov 2017 :

To Save Net Neutrality, We Must Build Our Own Internet via @motherboard (

perhaps rather.. build our own day.. that facils curiosity (of even the inspectors of inspectors).. ie: gershenfeld sel


Detroit is home to 1,500 gardens and farms that grew 550,000 pounds of produce in 2016.



detroit lead water like flint..?

deray (@deray) tweeted at 6:13 AM – 30 Aug 2018 :
Drinking water to be shut off at all Detroit public schools (

CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 6:10 AM – 20 Sep 2018 :
At least 57 Detroit public schools have tested positive so far for high levels of copper, lead or both in drinking water (


(2016) – This area in Detroit is now America’s first 100% organic, self-sustainable neighborhood


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