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his video above is great…

Dale Stephens just offered a 3 day creativeLIVE session on learning to learn. It was incredible. The format.. the set up.. the people. [Kenna Klosterman for one]

The last thing, Sunday afternoon, was a panel with Chase Jarvis, who is the founder of creativeLIVE. First intro to him.

Especially loved this:

Chase – degree does not equal educated – how to de-measure.. do we need to assess anything?
has never been asked for his degree or gpa, says that 50% of grads are hosed.

So – I guess he’s done a few things..

: )

chase jarvis site



Chase interviewing/conversing with Zoë Keating


this is what the universities should be looking at to figure out how to do online classes…


via chase on curiosity over decision making:

Follow your curiosity. Watch the full episode

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ie: cure ios city

curiosity as ongoing energy (of 8b alive people)

decision-making as time suck