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from their about page:

Founded in 1986, the Basic Income European Network (BIEN) aims to serve as a link between individuals and groups committed to, or interested in, basic income, i.e. an income unconditionally granted to all on an individual basis, without means test or work requirement, and to foster informed discussion on this topic throughout Europe.


BIEN expanded its scope from European to the Earth in 2004. It is an international network that serves as a link between individuals and groups committed to or interested in basic income, and fosters informed discussion of the topic throughout the world.


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Some #basicincome news via @BasicIncomeOrg: VIDEO: Edward Skidelsky, Unconditional Basic Income and Degrowth ke…

rabbit hole each of speakers.. check videos and ongoing convo link ( on right side)


looking through their twitter feed

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BIN Italia: free online ebook QR3 [Notebooks on Basic Income]
UNITED STATES: President Obama Discusses Basic Income Without Clearly Endorsing or Opposing
Hideaki Nakamura, “Question from Switzerland”
on pushing bi.. w/o essential question:. what would you do if income were taken care of…
so Alan Watts ness.. only not as deep perhaps.. ie: money no object
INDIA: MP from largest political party endorses basic income
Varun Gandhi, Member of Parliament of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has endorsed basic income in an article published in The Hindu on June 30, 2016. The BJP, the ruling party in India, is the largest political party in not only India but (as of March 2015) the world, with 88 million registered members.
A regular unconditional basic income, scaled up through pilots, and rolled out slowly and carefully, seems ideal for India. It can help improve living conditions including sanitation in our villages, providing them with access to better drinking water, while improving children’s nutrition. Regular basic income payments can help institute rational responses to illness or hunger, enabling households to fund their health expenses instead of encountering a vicious cycle of debt. It can help reduce child labour, while facilitating an increase in school spending. It can transform villages, enabling the growth of productive work, leading to a sustained increase in income. It could cut inequality; grow the economy; all while offering the pursuit of happiness.
perhaps all you say/list… will
1/ keep people dead/asleep
2/ require more than bi… need to up cycle and change systemic ness
ie:no school… health… et al

begs bi be placebo/temporary.. otherwise remain in broken feedback loop

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

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ie: hosting life bits via self talk as data


John McDonnell announces that Labour has set up a ‘working group’ to investigate universal basic income | West Midlands New Economics blog



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unconditional basic income et al


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Some #basicincome news via @basicincomeorg: Simpson, et al, “The Manitoba Basic Annual Income Experiment: Lesso… (


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Another reason we need #basicincome – domestic violence sufferers need cash to leave & access justice (

need to model a nother way..designed toward no money – ie: money as temp placebo


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new upcoming documentary on the universal basic income and crowdfunding campaign:

“Twenty Americans from all walks of life have just won a lottery: a guaranteed check every week that’s big enough to cover basic living expenses. What will they do with this opportunity?

Then again, what if this weren’t a lottery for a few, but a government policy for all? What would you use the income for? If you had the freedom to be independent of and unbeholden to any other person or employer for a source of life-sustaining income – the freedom from fear of homelessness and hunger – what would you dare to pursue?

BOOTSTRAPS investigates the concept of universal basic income and the realities and impacts it would have on everyday America.”

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 from Conrad (@ConradShawActor) (@bootstrapsfilm) (@deiafilm) share on fb:

#BasicIncome Earth Network (BIEN) interviewed us about Bootstraps! Check out the article and full podcast interview here.…/interview-bootstraps-film-documen…/

“The problem we see with the pilots that are going on…is that they are very localized,” Shaw said. While this will allow the research to be more rigorous, he said, it makes it more difficult to present an inclusive ‘American pitch’ with people from all over the country.

The team is in the process of fundraising and is in the early stages of selecting participants for the basic income. Those that are part of the mailing list for the film will be eligible for a drawing that will allow them to nominate someone to be part of the film and receive a basic income.

As of now, they hope to start handing out the basic income this summer and release the documentary in time to be “part of the election discussion” in 2020.


come on.. just give me a chance.. try me..

from site:

We have descended into the weary and preoccupied mind’s fallacy of ‘othering.‘ This is to say we have allowed ourselves to perceive the other members of our society as opponents, statistics, enemies, leeches, and threats to our own security. When we are in constant competition mode, we forget the other players for the sake of the game.”