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Antero is an Assistant Professor in the English Department at Colorado State University.

keynote | SLJ summit 2013

[poignant interview with kids starting 36:20]

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He has been doing some pretty amazing work on the edges of what we call school. Perhaps google him.

We first met through dmlcentral.

He was recently awarded a research project through dmlresearchhub

 dml research hub

to study informal learning via the lab.


Our desire is that more people will see how much informal/natural learning matters.. to a full/rich life. If we could trust that, without a time limit, without a credential or pre-req requirement… perhaps it would take our breath away.

grazie Antero…


Antero’s insight via Whitney Burke’s post on dmlcentral: public-school-classrooms-incubators-social-learning


jan 2016

In the city of the future it is difficult to concentrate.

unless we are brave enough to call out irrelevant..s

ie: a nother way – w/self-talk as data.. as the day – perhaps then.. talking about concentration would seem redundant/unnecessary.. concentration per choice/whimsy..

on modeling a means for 7 billion of us to leap frog to a world of wandering ness..


Bud Hunt (@budtheteacher) tweeted at 2:50 PM – 20 Sep 2016 :

Here’s @anterobot talking about how great language is right now – we can make all kinds of words! (

As the world of digital resources expands how we communicate, compojing highlights that such practices are still constrained by individuals in power. Whether they dictate the images we use and for what purpose or they profit from our choices to endorse their vernacular toolsets, emoji producers make more visible the invisible lines of power underlying all language.

perhaps ..not if we let – all the ways – approach the limit of infinity ∞ ie: idiosyncratic jargon) via something like hosting-life-bit

a means to unleash all of the things/people/images/letters/video/audio/word/no-words… ness.. so that our idio jargons can dance


interviewed about new book by Henry Jenkins

Here’s someone who knows what he is talking about regarding teens, mobile media, and learning

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