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Here she is interviewing Seth for Icarus Deception ..

Seth Godin on making great work, gutsy calls and The Icarus Deception from Visceral Business on Vimeo.


mar 2015 –

emergent code chronicles…

a blog book

.1 – about

Emergent code is always in beta, a work in progress.

1.0 the timeline

The history of human connectivity.

whoa. lovely.


..alongside the technology, there existed an obvious yet overlooked ingredient in the digital technology value chain, and it was people.

we have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity– Luma Mufleh


The truth of our humanity, though, will always be like that of the story of the lipstick, that the real significances are in the unexpected and random experiences, behind the actions and algorithms that can’t be automated.

Machines are designed to eliminate deviance from the processes of human life. The binary nature of digital code, which either runs or it doesn’t, works this way too.

..when conformity can be automated, how meaningful is it for digital humans to continue to work this way?

In our digital emergence, opening up these neural pathways of thought, not just following well-worn paths, has a benefit, both scientifically and logically. What happens where networks intersect is interesting, complex and nuanced. This is where meaning for the digital human will flourish.

made me think of Temple‘s words in the autistic brain – imagining if closed off (or worn) paths were (re)ignited.

Meaning does not have an on/off button. It is something that emerges over time,..

For our survival in the Digital Era, ..

..meaning must continue to touch us.


In the metamorphosis, when we are embedded and bound up with technology, we will realise we are not one thing, or another, we are all things, simultaneously hyperconnected and disconnected, and that we will survive as humans by forming deeper connection to our inner selves at the same time as we wire up to the digital grid all around us. 


Algorithms look for patterns. And yet, if the human spirit is to meander and fully flourish in the digital era, it must resist them.

resist patterns anne

carhart-harris entropy law et al.. aziz let go law et al

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Code’s binary nature is balanced by a connected, digital, ‘one planet’ world of great complexity.

ni ness

If organic human expression is cultivated well digitally, technology can give us a powerful sense of our true human pulse as a connected species.



on fingerpointing – evolve beyond a destructive/binary/human ambivalence. Walls (borders) are an old world solution –…


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pressing play

Announcing ‘Pressing play’ and a new project cooked up with @mistergough @theselfagency >

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the things we do to make something happen are often the reasons it doesn’t. – @mistergough


I think we’re at a turning point. I believe that we’ve reached the point where old models and new models co-exist uneasily and so the language and ideas get confused. We think we’re talking about the new when we’re actually talking about the sexed-up old. And so the things we excitedly introduce as revolution are just incremental progress with added jargon. In many cases it’s worse than that. We replace things that worked for people with things that work against them.

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conf in april

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12.2 – quantum inter relationship thinking

If thoughts shape actions, framing the next age as primarily about connection makes a big difference to the value we will get from it.


Thinking about the next age as one of quantum inter-relationships will shape the nature of the collaboration and the value of co-existing with code, and the human benefits we can derive from it.

io dance ness.. heavy on the idio jargon ness


via 2023 tweet from anne []:

Interesting to think I published this 8 years ago. To the day. 


links to emergent code 8.0 Biorhythms and definitions

Issues such as net neutrality and how big data insights are used profoundly shape our future direction.. use code to meet fundamental human needs better.


imagine if we listened to the itch-in-8b-souls 1st thing everyday & used that data to connect us (tech as it could be.. ai as augmenting interconnectedness as nonjudgmental expo labeling)