adam foss

adam foss

[boston, ma]

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even in our worst.. i saw human stories…

i couldn’t fathom… why we would spend so much money to keep this person in jail for 80 years.. when we could have re invested it up front and perhaps prevented the whole thing from happening in the first place..

they would come to us.. and we would send them away w/o that help

prosecuted/judged/defended .. by people who knew nothing about them..

we know about the problem… what we don’t discuss is how ill equipped our prosecutors are to receive them…

history has conditioned us to believe that the criminal justice system brings about accountability and improves public safety despite evidence otherwise..

we stick to outdated method.. to achieve goal we all want..  safety

setting in motion a cycle.. that defines criminal justice system today..

a terrible public safety outcome for rest of us..

i never learned what justice was in my classes… yet prosecutors are most powerful actors in criminal justice system…

decisions prosecutors make everyday.. unfettered.. unaware of consequences…

i didn’t see a criminal standing there… i saw myself..

why are we spending 80 billion on prisons…

if it’s not working for everybody…. what are you doing to fix it..

barely any of you needed a day in jail to be the people you are..

a nother way

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let’s do this firstfree art-ists.


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