detox as a process of learning to learn

detox graphic single

detox as a process of learning to learn (talking to yourself)

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Tenets of Learning ~ Jake Kauffman
  1. Learning is Natural - The human brain is designed to learn. It needs a constant flow of  knowledge in order to be fulfilled.
  2. What Needs to be Learned is Learned - Nothing needs to be forcefully taught. One of the great aspects of the human mind (and how it has survived for over 10,000 years) is that it is very good at figuring out what it needs to learn.
  3. Learning is Constant - Every human brain — every brain, in fact —  is constantly developing and making connections. Even while we sleep this process is taking place. To designate times for learning and times for playing is unnatrual. Playing is learning. Living is learning.


The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.    -unknown


relax (disconnect/unplug from the success and failure games)
curiosity is natural.
knowledge deemed as opportunity
now binds us.
the web allows access to anything.
self-construction is natural.
most need detox to get back to what matters.
nclb = absolutely
achievement gap = misnomer


detox {as glue}

there are pools

There are many amazingly innovative ways to do/learn things today. Yet, nothing is for everyone. Perhaps, an enriching commonality (glue – well, cohesive integrated structure, via G Siemens) is that we focus on prepping for uncertainty (D Cormier) by simply learning how to learn - via curiosity. 


detox {as glue} - curiosity app to ground initial chaos – and to provide an echo chamber ness -

glue clean


detox as common core


detox graphic 2




detox {history}



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