tunnel jam

mashing up kids ideas – tunnel jam ness.. (page added 2013)

with this spot (n railroad ave, w 3rd)

and this idea:

adding perhaps a large screen so spectators can view from all angles, so avid skateboarders or bikers can critique and learn from all angles, having camera helmets,..
different ideas on painting, even to paint on the wheels, so it’s always morphing..

video on unwanted stress page is Cristian and Peter’s answer to why do this.

see city sketchup showing it via google sketchup/video..

per kids’ discussion: perhaps architect for humanity, or anyone that could mentor us, can see that while we might not have the visibly urgent needs of disaster relief in Japan, or hunger/thirst in Africa, or countless other needs in other places in the world, we are dying as well, from not participating wholeheartedly in life, from perhaps less visible threats… we want to create spaces to bring people together…we want to create more community in our town… in the people right around us…

Cristian and Gabe and others…were over the edge inspired by this…

Bret enters the picture..
hoping to re-connect with harvest farm and architecture for humanity… co-create something..
2015 – girl skateboarder:


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ICON (@iconeye) tweeted at 5:25 AM – 18 Jan 2019 :
Skateboarding and the city: After years of antagonism, can cities and their planners embrace the skateboarders and their unique experience of architecture?https://t.co/C5LBPUX6EZ https://t.co/bfAZ8soxA6 (http://twitter.com/iconeye/status/1086238152833056768?s=17)

The best places to skateboard are part of the city, not the skatepark

Despite the skateboarder’s relationship with underused parts of the city, they often receive a defensive reception from authorities and the public.

for most skateboarders, activation of a piece of architecture is more important than its pristine preservation.